Share the gift of relaxation with these simple, stress-relieving gifts.

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated January 27, 2020
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Choosing the right Valentine’s Day gift for your friends or special someone can be hard. If your valentine is busy and stressed, making plans to celebrate the holiday can feel like an obligation instead of a treat. In this case, a fancy dinner or a romantic movie just won’t cut it, so we’ve scouted out the gifts your stressed loved ones will actually use. All of our picks can be used year-round, so they’ll get hours of rest and relaxation from them. Plus, most of them are under $30. 

Whether you’re choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for him or shopping for your galentines, consider swapping the traditional cheesy gift for one of these ideas. And don’t forget to order a funny Valentine’s Day card to accompany your gift.

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Wind down on the go with this portable, travel-size perfume roller. The combination of cedarwood, lavender, and bergamot oil is specifically designed to promote relaxation. Roll on to pressure points before going to bed for a restful night’s sleep, or apply before a calming practice like yoga or meditation. 

Buy It: Roller Ball, $30, Anthropologie

Courtesy of Free People

If your valentine has a hard time counting sheep, pick up the Sleep book for them. The book, written by Lisa Varadi, has over 140 pages dedicated to getting a good night’s rest. Your recipient will learn about the stages of sleep and internal body clocks, and of course, how to combat insomnia. 

Buy It: Sleep Book, $12.99, Free People

Courtesy of Sephora

This Kelp and Magnesium body wash from REN is award-winning for many reasons. Not only does it nourish, soothe, and tone multiple skin types, the kelp and magnesium extracts wake you up and refresh you by energizing your skin. Plus, REN doesn't use ingredients that are known irritants, so it’s a favorite among sensitive-skin users.

Buy It: REN Body Wash, $27.00, Sephora

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Eucalyptus naturally clears the mind and helps your body relax (which is one reason we love to hang it in our showers), so it’s a solid choice for a calming body product. The Aromatherapy line at Bath & Body Works is full of sleep- and relaxation-promoting scents, but the eucalyptus lotion (which is made with shea butter and vitamin E) is one of our favorites. 

Buy It: Eucalyptus Lotion, $13.50, Bath & Body Works

Courtesy of Chalkfulloflove

Skip the generic Starbucks gift card and give your galentine a mug that doubles as a daily reminder of their worth. This 16-ounce matte marble mug is decorated with gorgeous metallic gold lettering from Chalkfulloflove that will remind your bestie how important she is. We’re already planning to order a matching one for ourselves!

Buy It: You Are Enough Marble Mug, $20, Chalkfulloflove

Courtesy of Headspace

Meditation is hard work, but it can have incredible mental and emotional benefits. If your valentine has expressed interest in the practice, gift them a subscription to Headspace, an app that guides users through the process of meditation. With expert guidance from a former monk, your valentine can spend a few minutes a day on the app and learn how to be more mindful about stress, sleep, exercise, eating, and more. Purchase a month-long subscription for just under $13, or, if you already know they’ll love it, you can splurge and purchase a whole year for $70. 

Buy It: Monthly Subscription, $12.99, Headspace

Courtesy of Apotheke

Who doesn’t love to light a few candles and run a hot bath? Give your valentine a new votive to light for their next bubble bath. This sweet and tangy combination of sea salt, black pepper, and ripe grapefruit from Apotheke comes in a milky glass candle holder that’s understated enough to match any room. 

Buy It: Sea Salt Grapefruit Votive, $14, Apotheke

Courtesy of Amazon

When you’re stressed, one of the best things you can do for your body is to take a breather and relax your muscles in a warm bath. If your loved one isn’t a big fan of lavender, try a luxurious rose and milk bath bomb instead. These are six of our favorite bath bombs for every occasion.

Buy It: Bath Gift Set, $12.99, Amazon

Courtesy of LAKE

This white cotton pajama set is outfitted with bright pink piping and a heart pattern that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. If your valentine loves cozying up in a matching PJ set, consider splurging on this 100% cotton set from LAKE. We’re particularly fond of the adorable piped collar and pockets on the long-sleeve shirt, but a short-sleeve option is also available for hot sleepers. 

Buy It: Poplin Pajama Set, $128, LAKE

Courtesy of West Elm

Weighted blankets have been a staple of the sensory community for years, but retailers are now releasing versions that are more affordable and accessible. Because applying extra pressure to the body can increase the release of serotonin in the brain, using a weighted blanket can help ease anxiety, restless legs, insomnia, and more. The blankets come in a variety of weights, so choose the right one, you'll need to know your recipient's approximate weight; 10-20% of your body weight is the general recommendation.

Buy It: Bearaby TENCEL Blanket, $249-279, West Elm

Courtesy of Staheekum

You don’t have to gift your bestie an expensive spa package to help her relax. Instead, give her something she can use to unwind every day. These wool and suede slippers from Staheekum are comfortable and supportive, and the black and gray color scheme is neutral enough to match anyone’s style. Plus, for every pair of wool slippers purchased, a tree is planted through Trees for the Future

Buy It: Women’s Serene Boucle, $40, Staheekum

Courtesy of Lush

Lavender is our go-to scent for relaxing and letting go of stress, and we love that it's neutral enough to wear it any time of day. Lush Cosmetics has a whole collection of lavender-scented products to choose from, including a lavender shower steamer, body spray scent, and body lotion.

Buy It: Lavender Dream Steamer, $2.95

Courtesy of Amazon

This bedtime tea from Hey Girl Tea is a mix of traditional relaxation herbs, including passionflower, chamomile, lemon, and orange. The tea comes as a set of 18 tea bags; the packaging recommends drinking the tea just before you go to sleep in order to wake up well-rested.

Buy It: Hey Girl Tea for Sleep, $19.99, Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Sleep masks are nothing new, but adding a little weight has big results. Fans of weighted blankets (like this inexpensive one from Target) already know the calming effects of pressure therapy. Scientists say the mask’s pressure can increase the body’s production of both melatonin and serotonin, so you get a restful, happy sleep. Read the science behind the masks to find out which one is best for your recipient.

Buy It: Austra Weighted Sleep Eye Mask, $18.99, Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Give a little extra love to the caregivers in your life with the help of this stress-reducing book. Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5 Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms gives the gift of time: Five minutes to reset, refocus, and start the day with a little mindfulness.

Buy It: Breathe, Mama, Breathe, $10, Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

The Buddha Board is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional coloring pages or coloring books. Plus, you don’t need messy markers or pencils to use it. Your valentine can use the included brush to draw on the 5-inch surface with water; when the water evaporates, the design will disappear and they can start again. 

Buy It: Mini Board, $14.95, Amazon


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