Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Stuck on what to get your special man this year? Our Valentine's Day gifts for him are sure to blow him away. Not only are our Valentine's Day gifts fun and easy to pull together, but we have great ideas for all his favorite food, tech, and home gifts.

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    Leather Grill Tools

    Does your guy love to grill? Give purchased utensils a sleek upgrade with modern leather-wrapped handles. Add a colorful piece of leather to hang and he'll be ready to fire up the grill. 

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    “Beer Me” Pack

    For all those times he asked you to grab him a beer: a pack of his favorite specialty brews. Decorate cork coasters with playful notes, then hang over each bottle. Pair it with peanuts, ranch-dressed snack mix, or popcorn. Either way, this little something is all he’s ever wanted, right? (Wink, wink!)

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    Cold Brew Coffee Kit

    Dating a coffee addict? We get it. Keep your love brewing with a barista-approved coffee kit. Include a drip-coffee maker, filters, and favorite beans he'll be sipping on all season long!

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    Bennington Scarf

    February 14 signals Valentine's Day, but it's also smack dab in the middle of winter (and you know what that means: cold!). So hand knit a scarf for your special someone. Variegated yarn offers the option of multiple colors, while a repeating pattern makes it easy enough for beginners.

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    On The Map Art

    Put that trip you’ve been wanting to take on the map, with this gorgeous wood-stained piece that’ll inspire him to choose your next destination together! All you need is cherry plywood, a United States map decal, and contrasting wood stains. 

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    Cork Coasters

    Snazz up some simple cork coasters with our geometric designs for a DIY Valentine's Day gift. To make, cut 4x4-inch squares from thin cork. Cut a simple herringbone pattern from stencil acetate. Press the stencil onto a cork square and apply acrylic paint.

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    Wine Tasting

    Roses or rosé? Surprise your guy with a romantic day in the grapes! Book a few reservations and winery hop, or host one of your own at home with a complete tasting featuring his favorite reds, whites, and everything in-between. Either way, another Valentine’s Day together is worth poppin’ bottles for!

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    Leather Keychain

    A chic men's keychain doesn't have to be complicated to make! He'll be proud to carry these simple gold and leather clips. Give it a personal touch by upcycling a vintage leather case or bag. 

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    Freestanding Photo Collage

    Give your valentine the gift of a trip down memory lane with our freestanding photo collage. Select 14-20 photos that are special to you and your man, and crop them into 4-inch squares. Print onto photo paper; cut out. Using adhesive strips or Mod Podge, carefully adhere each photo to a thick piece of white cardstock (the paper has to be thick enough to stand on its own). Use a crafts knife to cut out each photo, leaving a small border. On all four sides of each photo, cut small slits as shown. Assemble your photo collage by fitting the photos together using the cut slits.

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    Initial Pennant

    Show how much you care about your guy with this monogram pennant he can hang at home or work. Get creative with the color scheme and match his favorite team or keep it classic in black and white. 

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    Bar Tool Essentials

    If your main man is a self-proclaimed mixologist, let him tend bar at home with a full set of bar tools and accessories. Get him ready to start pouring with a cocktail shaker, jigger, cocktail strainer, corkscrew, juicer, bar spoon, and cocktail muddler.

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    Sweet Succulent Arrangment

    If your man is the gardening type, try an arrangement of unique succulents for his Valentine's Day gift. Arrange the plants in vintage  insulated mugs and cups. 


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    Beer and Peanuts

    If the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, this beer-and-peanuts pairing will have him head-over-heels in no time. Repackage salted shelled peanuts in a resealable plastic bag and pair with your loved one's favorite specialty beer. Transform the store-bought snacks into a special treat by adding a personalized tag or note and embellishing with red ribbon.



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    Business Gift Combo

    For your tech-savvy valentine, tuck the shiny new toy that he's been eyeing, in the front pocket of a white collared shirt. He'll look smart and polished at the office, and he'll love having apps for just about everything at his fingertips.

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    Chunky Tassel Blanket

    Rom-com the night away with a cozy blanket you can make without getting too into the knit-y gritty. Using a purchased throw from your local home goods store, stitch these DIY tassels onto the corners using this super easy tutorial. Only one extra step is needed: Before knotting the head, place a small ball of yarn inside to help keep the tassel full and round. 

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    Homemade Pizza Kit

    Surprise your valentine with a romantic dinner in. Make and bake two large or four small pizza crusts and wrap up a variety of his favorite pizza toppers plus our quick pizza sauce. Include instructions to bake at 350 degrees F for 12 minutes, and place in a decorated pizza box.



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    Stamped Cheese Markers

    We can’t help but get all cheeseball on this adorable Valentine’s Day gift idea. Thrift up some silver-plated forks, then placing between two felt pieces, flatten in a vise. With the front side up, hammer metal stamps into the fork to mark the name of the cheese. Cut off a few inches at the top of the handle, then make a curly loop by wrapping it in felt and curling backward using pliers. Surprise him by adding the new gifts to an all-out cheese spread. 

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    Hot Chocolate Date with Personalized Mugs

    Turn a simple Valentine's Day gift into an intimate date with personalized hot chocolate mugs, two packets of hot chocolate, and mini bottles of Irish cream liquor. Package everything together with pretty tissue paper. Before you sit down to enjoy your hot chocolate, write a message or draw a picture on the mugs.

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    DIY Tablet Case

    For the gadget-obsessed man in your life, create a personalized tablet case from ever-trusty duct tape. Wrap lightweight fabric around the tablet, leaving some overlap for a closure flap. Cover one side end-to-end with duct tape in your desired pattern. Add self-stick tape to the closure to finish.



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    Memory-Saver Photo Frame

    Highlight a trip, hobby, or other event in a gift that will make him remember your most-cherished memories. Create a custom embellished photo mat by arranging words and phrases in an illustration program then converting them to an outline font. Print your creation on art paper, then color the words.


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    Triple-Pepper Hot Sauce

    Spice it up this Valentine's Day with the gift of hot sauce. Try our Triple-Pepper recipe, which is perfect for kicking up everything from stir-fry to scrambled eggs, or buy his favorite hot sauce and personalize with our printable labels. Adorn your gift with dried chili peppers and a festive photo-transfer label.

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    Luxury Bathrobe

    Keep your loved one extra warm and cozy this Valentine's Day with a terry cloth, flannel, or fleece bathrobe. The classic men's wrap is sure to keep him warm even when he's not cuddling with you.



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    Travel Wall Art

    Remind your man of a favorite vacation you took together with our easy wall art. Just cut a map to standard printer-paper size and use it to print special phrases and images you share. Attach the map to a store-bought canvas with spray adhesive, then brush with two coats of decoupage medium to seal.



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    Homemade Meat Rub

    Custom spice mixes are a quick and easy gift to give a man who loves to cook or grill. Fill a small spice jar with our Jamaican Jerk Rub, and wrap the jar with twine. Cut a piece of narrow ribbon and adhere to a wooden clothespin using glue; use the clothespin to attach a card with the spice name and instructions.


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    Personalized Business Case

    Don't let your main man go without a handy carrying case for his business papers, newspapers, and magazines. He'll love getting our DIY business case for Valentine's Day! Customize the designed holder to fit his interests, too.

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    Fortune Cookies with Dipping Chocolate

    Sharing fortune cookies dipped in chocolate can be a fun and sweet after-dinner activity to do with your valentine. Line plastic Chinese take-out boxes with decorative tissue, then fill them with store-bought fortune cookies. Wrap a jar of dipping chocolate with patterned paper and ribbon, then tuck a paper heart under the ribbon for a finishing touch.

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    Map Coaster Set

    Decoupage maps or special items, such as photos or artwork, onto square tiles to make a one-of-a-kind set of Valentine's Day drink coasters. Back the tiles with felt to keep them from scratching surfaces.


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