8 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

Personalized Wine Wrap
Your Valentine will love any of these thoughtful handmade gifts -- ideas for her include craft supplies, a bottle of wine from a significant year, and her favorite romantic movie. Mix and match our ideas to create the perfect Valentine's Day gift for her or use our ideas for inspiration to make your own unique gift. Send this list to your guy so he'll know exactly what to get you for Valentine's Day.

Bleach Pen Lampshade

It takes a little craftiness but not much time to create a stunning lampshade she'll love. Pick a room in the house with a drab lamp and note the color scheme; shop for a brightly colored cotton lamp shade to match. Use a bleach pen (available at crafts stores) to doodle a fresh design. Work in small sections to avoid smudges. When your patterns turn white, rinse any excess bleach in the sink; let dry.

Magazine Subscription Gift

Take note of what's on her coffee table and make sure her magazine subscriptions stay up to date. Renew her favorite magazine subscription for another year, and when the first issue arrives, package it in a tall bag with a Valentine's Day note on the front.

Editor's Tip: Think ahead when ordering subscriptions -- the first issue normally takes 2 months to arrive after you order.

Movie Night Basket

Package her favorite movie, a cozy blanket, and a package of popcorn in a wicker basket to plan a romantic date in for Valentine's Day.

Champagne on a Valentine's Tray

Serve up a romantic date for Valentine's Day with a red metallic tray, a bottle of champagne, and two glasses -- all wrapped up in a pretty red-and-white ribbon. Cut out hearts from foil and scatter them on the tray for added decoration.

Crafts Box Starter Kit

Refill your Valentine's crafts supplies or get her started with this neatly wrapped box filled with various materials for projects. Paint the interior of a wooden box and line with silicone cupcake liners. Fill the liners with various crafting bits, such as cotton balls, thread, and buttons (a salesperson at a fabrics store can advise if you need help). Tie the box in a big bow with a wide red ribbon to finish the gift with style.

Decorative Throw Pillow

Dress up a plain red pillow with a silver decorative belt for a great Valentine's Day gift. Tie a small oval picture frame onto the belt with a piece of white ribbon; add a special photo or the text "Be Mine" to the frame and stick a glittery heart on the outside.

Library Card Note with Journal

Tell your Valentine 10 reasons why you love her using a library card. Download and print the library card pattern, available below, and tuck it inside a library card pocket (found at school-supplies or scrapbooking stores). Use a stamp to add an image to the pocket, and attach to a journal or her favorite book to complete the gift.

Personalized Wine Wrap

Gift her a favorite bottle of wine with a special wrap that reads "Be Mine." To make the gift extraspecial, choose a wine from a significant year that she'll appreciate your remembering.

Editor's Tip: We've included a pattern for our wine wrap, but you could also use the measurements to create your own digital label featuring a photo of the two of you.

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