A Valentine's Day coupon book makes a sweet customizable gift this holiday. Our free printables make the books easy to assemble as a gift for your kids, a friend, or your partner.
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When it comes to the holiday all about love, a personalized gift is the way to go, and our free printable coupon booklets are one of our favorite easy Valentine's Day gift ideas. We've got Valentine's Day coupons for kids, adults, and even blank ones you can customize for anyone. We have pre-made coupons for kids (including dessert before dinner or one day without chores) and sweet coupons for adults (like breakfast in bed or a meal out at their favorite restaurant). We've even included blank coupons so you can mix and match, or write your own personalized coupons for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend.

The Valentine's Day coupon books are easy to assemble, too. Simply load white cardstock ($6, Michaels) into a color printer and print our free designs. After you cut out each coupon, hole punch ($3, Office Depot) the corners and use a thin ribbon ($3, Target) to tie the book together. Once you've customized the blank coupons with a personalized message, this thoughtful Valentine's Day gift is ready to give.

paper valentine's day coupons on a marble surface with pink and red candy
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Valentine's Day Coupons for Kids

Get the free coupons for kids

Instead of gifting your kids another toy, give them a booklet full of coupons to use whenever they want. They'll be able to cash in on things like skipping a chore, reading an extra bedtime story, staying up 30 minutes past bedtime, and choosing a movie for the family to watch together. If you're combining these with the blank coupons, here are a few more Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids:

  • Plan a trip to the park.
  • Make cookies together.
  • Have a crafting afternoon.
  • Pick out a meal for the weekly dinner menu.
pink and red valentine's day coupons on a marble background with candy hearts around
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Valentine's Day Coupons for Adults

Get the free coupons for adults

Treat your partner to all their favorite things this Valentine's Day. Whether it's breakfast in bed, sleeping in, spending an hour alone, or a special date night, they'll appreciate the opportunity to cash in on each of these coupons. Pair it with one of these homemade Valentine's Day gifts for a sweet surprise. To customize your free printable Valentine's Day coupons, add a few of these other ideas too:

  • A shoulder massage.
  • You'll wash all the dishes.
  • Date night in.
  • You'll pick up the kids.
  • Spend time cooking together.
  • Pick out a new book.
valentine's day coupons with red felt harts next to him
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Blank Valentine's Day Coupons

Get the free Valentine's Day coupons

Whether you're adding to our other printables or making your own completely custom coupon book, we have ideas for everyone. Whether you're making a Valentine's Day gift for him or whipping up something special for a gal pal, consider these ideas:

  • Bake them your signature dessert.
  • Treat them to a coffee.
  • Make them a special dinner.
  • Spend an afternoon in the kitchen together.

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