Fun Card-Making Party for Valentine's Day

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Get adults and children involved in a Valentine's Day party that features easy crafts and sweet treats with a heart-shape theme. Plus, get our favorite ideas for Valentine's Day treats and decor.

Create Stations

When you're hosting a party where crafts are involved, consider creating several stations stocked with all the supplies your guests will need to finish each project. With two to four people at each station, you can keep the mess to a minimum, and guests will have easy access to the materials they need. Add a few extra chairs at each station so people can move around as they finish each project. 

We suggest the following supplies: decorative papers, doilies, rickrack, heart-shape punches, metal brads, ribbon, buttons, embroidery floss, scissors, glue, tape, spray adhesive, and fine-tip markers for writing messages.

Prepare Treats and Projects

Choose a few creative valentines to make at the party and prepare several sets of materials before the guests arrive. Set out enough at each station so guests will be able to make one of each card. Consider what will make the party process easier: prebag treats or preprint quotes to save time during the celebration. 

Make Multiples

Consider hosting a kids card-making party so they can make valentine greetings for their classmates. Make several simple treat bags and decorate each with a fun message during the Valentine's Day party. 

Treat Station

When you're planning each station, don't forget the treats! Create a separate area for snacks and drinks to keep sticky fingerprints off the paper creations. Plus, the snack stand is the perfect place to add extra holiday decorations like bold paper fans. 

Editor's note: Create a separate area for the treats to keep sticky fingerprints from ending up on pretty paper creations.
Editor's note: Create a separate area for the treats to keep sticky fingerprints from ending up on pretty paper creations.

Craft Station Idea: Fun Heart Card

The front of this creative card displays a miniature clothesline hung with a pink paper heart. The tiny clothespins, available at crafts stores, are too delicate to mail, so you'll want to deliver this one by hand. To set up this station, set out plain cards, punched hearts, string, mini clothespins, and clear tape or washi tape to attach the ends of the string. 

Craft Station Idea: Message Valentines

These clever valentines look complicated, but with the right materials, your guests will have a whole stack finished in minutes! Set out watercolor materials, watercolor paper, and white crayons. Fold a blank card using watercolor paper, then draw a design using a white crayon. Paint a watercolor design over the top. Because the crayon wax is water-resistant, the white design will show through the painted surface. 

Craft Station Idea: Cookie Decorating

Consider swapping a card-making station for a cookie-decorating activity. Bake or purchase a batch of heart-shape cookies before the gathering. The day of the party, set out sprinkles and colored frosting. This is a sneaky way to save yourself food-prep time while providing a fun activity for your guests. 

Craft Station Idea: Heart-Shape Cards

These heart foxes could not be cuter, and they're a breeze to set up! Set out paper, glue, and scissors, along with a finished fox card as an example. Let your guests run wild with different colors and patterns. Have them glue two hearts to form the face, and add ears and a tail. Older guests can use beads to form the eyes and nose, and younger guests can use a marker to add facial features. These are a great option for kids who want to make valentines for their classmates!

Craft Station Idea: Fold-Out Cards

Guests will love these adorable fold-out cards, and you'll love how easy they are to set up. Print several copies of our downloadable pattern and set them out with tracing supplies and scissors. 

To make the I Heart You card:
Cut out the template along the solid lines. Trace the cutout onto 12x12-inch cardstock, cut out, then fold as indicated by the pattern's dotted lines.

To make the Heart Accordian card:
On a piece of cardstock, draw and cut out a 5-1/2x12-inch rectangle. Fold accordion-style along the short side (as indicated by the dotted lines); you'll end up with six sections. Cut out the template and place it on the folded paper with the open side of the heart over the top fold, then trace and cut out the heart. Use a different-color piece of paper to trace a heart that's slightly larger. Glue this to the back of the center heart on your accordion and fold to complete. 

Craft Station Idea: Stitched Cards

Adorable paper cards with a hand-stitched element are perfect for a card-making party. Preparty prep is easy: Set out blank cards, patterned paper, glue, a needle and pushpins, and multiple colors of thread. You can set out precut shapes (like the cactus and "XO" shapes), or have guests cut their own. Use a needle or pushpins to create a design of small holes. Then stitch through the holes with different colors of thread. The finished cards are cute, and no two will be alike! 

Craft Station Idea: Felt Peonies

Gorgeous felt peonies are a great embellishment for Valentine's Day-theme decor. And they only require three materials! Set out sheets of felt in pink, white, and red, along with fabric glue or hot glue, and scissors. Have guests cut out wavy petals (or cut out a few in advance to use as a template), then simply roll and glue. The peonies make an adorable accent for a child's headband, or make a whole bunch to display! 

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