9 Mother-Daughter Valentine's Day Ideas to Show Her You Care

There's no better way to celebrate the day of love.

While Valentine's Day is meant to celebrate love, it doesn't have to be about a significant other. If your mom isn't nearby, you can make Valentine's Day for mom a virtual experience. To help you celebrate your mom this holiday, we've rounded up some of the most meaningful ways to spend time with your mom that double as fun Valentine's Day activities.

If mom would rather stay in, plan an at-home spa day for the two of you, or snuggle up for a movie marathon on the couch. If you can't celebrate in person, plan a virtual cooking date, or host a virtual game night for you, your mom, and a handful of other mom-daughter friends.

No matter what you do, you'll appreciate the extra time spent together—and it may even inspire an annual tradition. Remember that you don't have to celebrate on February 14 if either of you wants to spend the actual holiday with a significant other—plan a Galentine's Day celebration for the two of you instead!

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Plan a Virtual Cooking Date

Heart Cookies with frosting in decorating bags and sprinkles
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If you can't be in mom's kitchen physically, connect via video chat! Plan a virtual cooking date for the two of you this Valentine's Day. This one takes a bit of planning, so set up the call a few days in advance and choose the recipes you want to make, so each of you has time to pick up the right groceries before you start. When it's time to start cooking, start your video call and prepare your dishes.

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Make Valentines

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Reminisce about the days when mom helped you make your classroom valentines and have a card-making afternoon. Pick up a pack of blank red greeting cards with envelopes ($3, Joann) and decorate them with paper hearts and glue. If crafting isn't your thing, print a few of our free valentines and send them out to friends and family.

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Have a Virtual Movie Night

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Just because Valentine's Day is a holiday doesn't mean you have to plan an elaborate evening. If a cozy movie night at home is more your speed, pop some stovetop popcorn and plan a virtual movie night for the two of you. Binge-watch your favorite Netflix show together or queue up one of these classic movies to watch with your mom.

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Make a Memory Book

stack of pink books with circle shaped photos on the front
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Spending the day reflecting on your favorite memories while making a photo book together may be the most sentimental idea for Valentine's Day for mom. Go the traditional route with paper, photographs, and glue, or make a digital photo book online and order two copies—one for each of you to keep! This customizable memory book (from $19, Artifact Uprising) is one of our favorite picks. It comes in three sizes with six color options, and the die-cut circle in the middle allows you to customize the cover with a photo.

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Volunteer Virtually

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Share the love with your community this season. Pick local organizations and call a few weeks beforehand to see what their needs are before making plans. Spend this mother-daughter day dropping off supplies at a local food pantry, or make it a virtual affair by hosting an online fundraiser for a local animal shelter.

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Bake Heart-Shaped Treats

heart-shaped Valentine's Day cookies in box with ribbon
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There's nothing better than spending a relaxing afternoon in the kitchen with mom—especially when sweet treats are involved! Invite her over and choose a few of our best Valentine's Day dessert recipes to make together. If you can't spend time with her in person, bake the treats and mail them to mom or leave them on her porch.

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Host a Virtual Game Night

Game Night Kit mason jar
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Invite mom to a grown-up game night for an evening full of fun. Planning a virtual game night is easy, and it can be a fun way to involve other mom-daughter duos. Invite whoever you like to a video call, and use our easy tips and tricks to coordinate a virtual game.

If you're spending time together in person this holiday, coordinate a board game night for just you and mom. Set out a few snacks and drinks, and offer a selection of card games and board games for her to choose from. Stick to a classic 2-person game like Scrabble ($20, Target) or try something new, like What Do You Meme? ($30, Target).

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Make Breakfast Together

dash mini heart-shaped waffle maker
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Mom has cooked us breakfast so many times we jump at the chance to return the favor. This heart-shaped waffle maker ($13, Target) is an inexpensive way to dress up homemade waffles. Stock up on all her favorite toppings (think fruit, flavored syrup, or whipped cream and sprinkles) to make her feel extra special this Valentine's Day. If she doesn't have a sweet tooth, make the waffles savory and serve them for lunch instead.

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Make a Terarrium

Person placing plants terrarium
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While the weather in February is often too cold to start planting your outdoor garden, a container garden or DIY terrarium can be made anytime! Stock up on succulents, soil, rocks, and terrarium containers ($20, Crate & Barrel) and set out matching gardening gloves for you and mom.

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