Play cupid with these cute and crafty DIY Valentine's Day cards. We're sharing free patterns and how-to's for creating surprise-inside cards. 

These easy-to-make Valentine's Day cards hold delicious surprises inside. Stuff them with treats, love-notes, and other sweet surprises. Plus, get adorable Valentine's Day coloring pages and more creative cards. Follow these simple how-to instructions to put together your surprise-inside Valentines. You should be able to make each one in under 30 minutes. Download and print our free patterns before you start.

Valentine's Day Cards

Play Cupid Cards

Colorful corrugated paper gives these heart-shape pockets pretty texture. Patterned paper straws make easy arrows. 

Trace around a 5-inch heart-shape cookie cutter on corrugated paper and cut out. Fold the heart on a slight diagonal and punch a hole about 1/2 inch from the fold. When you unfold it, there should be two diagonal holes. Using pinking shears, cut another heart from corrugated paper in a contrasting color, making 1/4 inch larger on all sides.

Apply crafts tape along the small heart's sides (not the top), the center it on the large heart and attach. Cut out two heads and two tails on cardstock with the pattern, then attach tail pieces to paper straw using crafts tape and fringe the tail. Thread a straw through the holes of the top heart and attach an arrowhead to the straw with crafts tape. Fill the heart with small candies, then seal the top with glue dots. 

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Valentine's day cards

Peekaboo Valentine Packages

When they're closed, these cute DIY Valentines are bookmarks. Open, and they reveal two surprises: a sweet treat and colorful hidden heart shape. 

To make them, cover your work surface with newspaper. Glue together two pieces of paper, one patterned and one solid color, using spray adhesive. Print and cut out the template, then trace the template onto the solid-color side, and cut out using straightedge and crafts knife. 

Crease the center from top to bottom using a ruler and bone folder. Apply double-sided crafts tape along left side (below flap) and bottom of card, then firmly press along tape to create pocket. Fold the top flap closed, and punch hole in the upper right corner. Add a sweet treat, then thread a narrow ribbon through the hole and tie to finish the gift. 

Valentines day gifts

Cute Coloring Page Valentines

The coloring page craze is perfect for sending a sweet Valentine. Simply print, cut, and color these adorable Valentine coloring pages

To make the colored stickers, download the coloring sheets and print onto Avery 8-1/2x11-inch shipping labels. Trace the desired shapes with cookie cutters (or use crafts punches!) onto the printed sheets and cut out the shapes. Color the stickers and attach them to a paper treat bag. Fill the bag with additional uncolored stickers, colored pencils or crayons, and candy, then fold the top over 1 inch and punch two holes. Finish with a classic ribbon bow

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February 14, 2019
If you click on the "Get the Free Template" button the pdf file should open and download. The Peekaboo Valentine Package template is there.
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February 13, 2019
Where is the template for the Peekaboo Valentine Packages? I clicked on the link but it wasn't there.