This homemade card gets creative with scratch-off date ideas for Valentine's Day.
Scratch-off hearts valentine¿s card

Make this fun Valentine's Day card with our template, and type in your date-night choices. To finish the card, follow the easy steps below.

1. Download our template, available below. You can choose from a premade card or our template. Print the card onto cardstock and trim. Copy the card onto plain paper to get the heart template; cut out. Cut a strip of clear contact paper long enough to make four hearts. Trace around the heart template on the paper side of the contact paper.

2. To make the scratch-off solution, mix 2 parts metallic acrylic paint with 1 part dishwashing liquid. Using a small, flat paintbrush, apply a thin coat of the scratch-off solution onto the front side of the contact paper and let dry for an hour. Repeat with a second coat; add a third coat if your paint looks streaky.

3. Cut out the hearts (following the traced outline), peel off the backing, and place over the heart spaces on the card. Package the card with a new penny.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 6, 2019
I am not able to open the link to: "Get the customizable card template" My computer sends me a window that says this may be a virus, so I can't open it. Yikes
Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 6, 2019
downloads do not work!