These funny Valentine cards are perfect for anyone on your list. Boyfriends, husbands, Galentines—we’ve got you covered with the funniest cards you can buy in time for Valentine’s Day.

By Emily VanSchmus
January 10, 2019

Sappy, romantic cards are out, and funny Valentine’s Day cards are in this year. We’ve rounded up the funniest Valentine cards you can buy online in time for the big day. Pick up a punny Valentine card to tell your partner how much you appreciate them, or find a card with the perfect funny Valentine’s Day quote that will make your Galentine smile. Buy one of our picks, or use them to inspire your own DIY Valentine's Day cards.

Image courtesy of Emily McDowell Studio

While we can’t say we wouldn’t make that “free money” section a little bigger, this love pie chart card from Emily McDowell Studio is totally sweet. After all, if you’re picking your sweetheart over free money, candy, and kittens, you must be seriously smitten.

Buy it: Love Pie Chart Card, $4.50

Image courtesy of Paper Source

We love a good pun and this one totally made us laugh. Paper Source’s “Love Your Fanny” card features a watercolor design of a classic fanny pack and a good Valentine’s Day pun.

Buy it: Love Your Fanny Valentine Card, $4.95

Image courtesy of Etsy

Fans of the Netflix show Stranger Things will totally appreciate this Eleven-inspired Valentine’s Day card. If you’ve seen the show, you know Eleven loves waffles—and your sweetie will know exactly how ­you feel about them too.

Buy it: Mint Eggo Greeting Card, $3.95

Image courtesy of Ladyfingers Letterpress

This one is hilarious, and cat lovers will assure you it’s totally truthful. This design from Ladyfingers Letterpress features a checklist so you can customize your card with how much you love your partner in relation to your cat—which totally has the potential to cause a few raised eyebrows if you check the box for “Ok, maybe I do like my cat more than you.”

Buy it: Cat Love Card, $5

Image courtesy of Etsy

You can’t celebrate Galentine’s Day without acknowledging the original Galentine, Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. She taught us a valuable lesson when she said the three most important things in life are friends, waffles, and work—as long as work comes last, of course. Give this gorgeous hand-lettered card from ThreeLetterBirds to a fellow Leslie Knope fan this Valentine’s Day.

Buy it: Friends, Waffles, Work Greeting Card, $5

Image courtesy of Minted

We can’t resist a good Valentine’s Day pun, and there’s no better place for a funny Valentine’s Day quote than the front of a greeting card. We love this Minted card’s ‘stuck on you’ pun, and the cactus design (complete with blooming hearts) is just too cute.

Buy it: Stuck On You Greeting Card, $5.99

Image courtesy of Emily McDowell Studio

We laughed out loud reading this funny Valentine’s Day card. At first glance, it looks like the cover holds a sweet Valentine card message, but once your loved one reads the card they’ll be laughing as much as we did. This ‘uncomfortable conversation’ card from Emily McDowell is one of our favorites this year.

Buy it: Uncomfortable Convos Valentine Card, $4.50

Image courtesy of Etsy

Fans of The Office understand how much Stanley loves pretzel day—which means the card giver must like the recipient an awful lot! We love the hand-drawn art on this funny Valentine card from Cardinal Creative, and we can’t wait to give it this year.

Buy it: The Office Stanley Love Card, $4.47

Image courtesy of Amazon

This anti-Valentine’s Day card from Simply Said Paper is seriously un-festive, but it’s hilarious. If you’re a Valentine’s Day Grinch, we hope you give (or get) this funny Valentine’s Day card this year.

Buy it: Funny Anti Valentine’s Day Card, $4.25

Image courtesy of Paper Source

It’s official: Llamas are still in, and they’re here to stay for 2019. Kick off the greeting card season with this adorable set of “Llama fun” cards from Paper Source. Since they come in a pack of 10, they make great office or classroom Valentines.

Buy it: Llama Valentine Cards (Set of 10), $12.95

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January 28, 2019
Love funny cards. Best way to cheer someone up in my opinion. I buy all mine online here . It has tons of selection and is so much cheaper than in store.