Free Printable Valentines

Pixie Sticks Valentine Tag
Save money without sacrificing sentiment with a printable valentine for your sweetie. Our cards, coupons, and free patterns are a cinch to download and print from your home computer. Add a sweet treat or a vase of flowers and you're set for Valentine's Day!

I Loaf You Valentine Printable

Tell your special someone you think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread. This adorable Valentine is the perfect way to show a friend or loved one you care this year. Use our free download to print and cut a complete set of valentines in minutes! 

Mint Candy Valentine's Day Printable

Show the one you're "mint" to be with that you care this Valentine's Day. Make a heartfelt DIY Valentine by adding our free printable to a set of mint candies. 

Scratch-Off Printable Valentine

We've got the template; you add the coin. A very simple solution of acrylic paint and dishwashing liquid makes the scratch-off layer.

Bubble Valentine Tags

Individual bubble containers paired with a clever tag make the perfect classroom Valentines! We love this as a non-candy option; purchase a pack of bubbles with enough for each person, and use our free printable tag to finish this fun Valentine gift.

I Soda Think You're Cute Printable

Pop the top, take a sip, and pass out these adorable cards out to each of your valentines. Give the printed card as is, or add a ribbon and tie it to a soda bottle for an sweet Valentine gift. 

Accordion-Style Printables

Use our pattern to 3-D your way to a love note.

To make the I Heart U card: Print the template onto plain paper, then cut out along the solid lines. Trace the template onto 12x12-inch cardstock, cut out, then fold as indicated by the dotted lines.

Make the Heart Accordian card: Print the template onto plain paper and cut out. On a piece of cardstock, draw and cut out a 5-1/2x12-inch rectangle. Fold accordion-style along the short side (as indicated by the dotted lines). You should have six sections. Place the template on the folded paper with the open side of the heart over the top fold. Trace heart and cut out. On contrasting paper, trace a heart that's slightly larger all around. Glue to the back of the center heart on your accordion.

Peanut Package Printable

Purchase food-safe plastic gift bags, add a nut-themed snack, and tie with a pretty ribbon. Top off with our adorable download to create the ultimate Valentine food gift. 

Whale You Be Mine? Printable

Everything will go swimmingly when you gift this whale of a card! This watercolor whale paired with a clever pun is perfect for everyone on your list this February 14.

Crazy Straw Valentines

A pack of crazy straws will quickly become a set of adorable Valentines with our free printable tags. Just print, hole punch, and slide over the straight end of the straw. We love this fast and easy Valentine idea!

Banana Printable

Don't slip up! Here's a surefire Valentine's Day printable to give to someone who makes you go bananas. We love this idea for a classroom Valentine exchange. Print the labels on sticker paper and cut out before attaching to the bananas.

Reese's Pieces Printable

Pair this cute printable Valentine with a miniature pack of Reese's Pieces for a sweet take on Valentine's day gifting. Perfect for the sweet tooth on your list. 

You're Just My Type Printable

No writer's block here! This year, print and gift this adorable vintage valentine. For a set of sweet Valentines, load your printer with white or lightly-colored cardstock, then just print and cut. 

Valentine's Day Coupon Downloads

Give the card and the gift in one printing! Our adorable Valentine's day coupons ensure the ultimate "I love you" comes in paper form. With kid's coupons, adult coupons, and fill-in-the-blank coupons, you'll be able to give any gift you can think of this Valentine's Day.

Pear Printable

It's "a-pear-ant" your sweetheart will love this juicy take on Valentine's Day! Just print, cut and attach to a delicious healthy snack. 

Pixie Sticks Printable

DIY Valentine gifts just got so much easier - and sweeter! Label someone as your sweetie with this free download.

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