How to Celebrate Sweetest Day This October with Your Loved Ones

An Ohio man's quest to spread kindness has continued for nearly 100 years.

October has become synonymous with all things spooky come to mind, but there's a sweet surprise this month—and it's not just Halloween candy. Mark your calendars for Sweetest Day, a holiday that's celebrated by doing random acts of kindness for family, friends, and even strangers. Sweetest Day was created by Herbert Birch Kingston in Cleveland, Ohio, sometime near 1921. The candy worker wanted to create a holiday dedicated to spreading happiness to people who were overlooked in society. Kingston took it upon himself to spread joy to local orphans, people confined to their homes, and the elderly by giving them treats. As the holiday evolved, more and more people got involved.

Today, the festive day is primarily celebrated in the Midwest. Sweetest Day remains most popular in its birthplace of Ohio. But surprisingly, Texas, Florida, and California are in the top ten states for sales relating to the holiday. Over time the ways to take part in Sweetest Day have changed, making it similar to Valentine's day, but with much less pressure.

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When is Sweetest Day?

Sweetest Day always falls on the third Saturday of October. This year will mark the holiday's 100th celebration on October 16th—perfect for a pre-Halloween sugar rush.

How to Celebrate Sweetest Day

Giving candy, heartfelt notes, or doing small acts of kindness to others are the typical ways Sweetest Day is observed, but these are certainly not the only ways to celebrate. Here are some ways you can show how much you care for the people in your life.

Your Significant Other

Doing something as simple as crossing something off the honey-do list, going out on a date, making a nice dinner, buying a small gift, or sharing their favorite dessert could make your significant other's day. If you decide to get a card, you're in luck—80% of Hallmark's Sweetest Day cards are about love or romance.

Your Friends and Family

Make a plan and spend some time with your favorite people. Whether you catch up over pastries, get dinner and drinks, go shopping, have a virtual game night, or see a movie—the range of possibilities is endless.

Your Kids

Create an extra sugary Sweetest Day by spending some time in the kitchen making treats together. Your kids will love the quality time and the delicious desserts. If you're tight on time, going on a quick ice cream run could be a perfect alternative.

Making Someone Else's Day

If you want to celebrate Sweetest Day the way it was intended to, a small token of compassion makes a large impact. Helping an elderly individual rake leaves, getting coffee with someone who seems a little lonely, donating to a local food shelter, or sharing some sweet treats with those around you are all easy ways to make a person's day a little brighter.

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