Amora Design Studio Resilient Plum Intention Candle
Credit: Courtesy of Amora Design Studio

7 Black-Owned Candle Companies to Shop This Month

Support these small businesses and the creative entrepreneurs behind them.
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A few quality candles can instantly enhance the ambiance of your space. Whether you want to captivate guests with a clean, fresh scent or wind down at the end of a long day with a relaxing aroma, consider these Black-owned candle companies. We've rounded up some of our favorite hand-poured candles made with natural ingredients like soy and apricot crème wax.

You'll want to stock up on these scented candles—they make heartfelt hostess gifts and pretty just-because presents. Here are seven Black-owned candle brands to support today.

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candle with citrus
Credit: Courtesy of arôme


If hand-poured candles are your go-to, then look no further than luxury-candle brand arôme. In 2018, sisters Raphaelle and Stephanie Kernisant perfected the company's coconut wax candle formula in their home kitchen. Today the business offers a line of candles in scents that range from citrusy to woodsy. Each 8.5-ounce candle is made with wooden wicks, includes a seed-infused plantable dust cover, and boasts a 40-hour burn time.

Buy It: The One Candle ($28, arôme)

set of small candle tins
Credit: Courtesy of Joe + Monroe

Joe + Monroe

Joyaa Cole began making hand-poured candles as a hobby. Her passion grew into a luxury candle business, Joe + Monroe. The name is a combination of her father, Joe, and daughter, whose middle name is Monroe. Each sustainable candle is made in reusable containers using apricot crème wax, a vegan blend of natural apricot and coconut. Choose from scents like Dark Rose, Cashmere Vanilla, Pineapple Sage, and Palo Santo all of which are free of phthalates and parabens. 

Buy It: Palo Santo Candle ($14, Joe + Monroe)

candle jar with affirmation
Credit: Courtesy of Kery Kay Candle Company

Kery Kay Candle Company

Kery Kay Candle Company is a Black-owned brand known for its DIY candle-making workshops, linen sprays, and 8-ounce custom jar candles. Positive messages like "Always look on the Bright Side" and "I Can and I will" are printed on each candle. Each candle is made from kosher soy wax and essential oils. 

Buy It: Enjoy the Little Things Candle ($15, Kery Kay Candle Company)

candle in black jar
Credit: Courtesy of Perry Boyce

Perry Boyce

Brooklyn-born Tracey Boyce founded Perry Boyce to offer luxury home products, including room sprays, bath salts, and soy candles, at affordable prices. Each candle is made in Brooklyn. Choose from scents like Coffee + Break, Amaretto + Chai, and Amber + Wood. Once lit, the 100% natural 9-ounce candle will burn for up to 40 hours. 

Buy It: Clean + Slate Candle ($10, Perry Boyce)

jar candle
Credit: Courtesy of Cantrip Candles

Cantrip Candles

If you are or know an avid gamer, then the evolution of Cantrip Candles is a great story. The Black-owned candle company was started by Christoff Visscher after he realized the candles he had at home didn't put off enough scent during game nights. Today, each Cantrip candle is hand-poured in small batches. Choose from simple but beautifully packaged soy wax varieties with names like The Library with parchment and wood notes and A Walk in the Woods with scents of pine and sandalwood. 

Buy It: A Walk in the Woods Candle ($34, Cantrip Candles)

black candle with box
Credit: Courtesy of Lamar Denon Luxury Home Goods + Body Care

Lamar Denon Luxury Home Goods + Body Care

Founded in 2019 by L.A. native Tadara Smith, Lamar Denon aims to make men's products more inclusive. The brand specializes in home fragrance products and body care. Choose from playful candle names like Luxuriant Linen with scents of cotton and amber, and Finest Man Alive with notes of musk and vanilla.

Buy It: Finest Man Alive Candle ($65, Lamar Denon Luxury Home Goods + Body Care)

candle with flowers
Credit: Courtesy of Amora Design Studio

Amora Design Studio

Kamari Brownlow drew inspiration for founding Amora Design Studio from her local brunch group–Brown Skin Brunchin'. One of the brand's most popular candles, Brunch Vibes Only, is a nod to the group. The candle has notes of citrus and champagne. Choose from other fun scents like Resilient Plum, Namaste, and Weekend Oasis, all of which are hand-poured, sustainable, non-toxic, and phthalate-free.

Buy It: Intention Candle with Crystals ($40, Amora Design Studio)