National Daughters Day Is Coming Up: Here's How to Celebrate

The holiday highlights ways to combat gender inequality across the world.

International Daughters Day is coming up, and while it's the perfect excuse to spoil and celebrate yours a bit more, there's actually a deep significance to the day. The official origins of the holiday are a bit fuzzy, but we do know the day can be traced back to a greeting card company in India. Archies Limited, a popular greeting card brand, wanted to call attention to the gender inequality in India, so they created Daughters Day as a way for parents to learn about it and encourage their daughters.

Over the years, the holiday has become nationally recognized not only in India but all over the world. There's an International Daughters Day along with individual national holidays in many different countries.

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If you're looking for ways to celebrate this year, we've put together a few sweet ideas, no matter how old your daughters are (or how far away they live).

When Is National Daughter's Day?

In America, National Daughter's Day is September 25. International Daughter's Day is observed across the globe on the fourth Sunday in September, which falls on September 26 this year.

Ways to Celebrate Daughter's Day

There's no right way to celebrate the holiday, but we've rounded up a few sweet ways you can observe the day.

Plan an Activity

If your daughter is still at home or if she lives nearby, plan to do an activity together! Make a meal together, go for a walk, or learn a new craft or hobby together.

Call or Text

If you can't see your daughter in person this year, give her a call! Whether it's a quick phone call or a lengthy video chat, she'll appreciate you thinking of her. Use this time to reflect on your relationship and let her know what she means to you.

Send Her a Card or Care Package

Another sweet way to celebrate from afar is to send a card or package her way. A handwritten card is a thoughtful gesture, and you don't have to write anything over-the-top if words aren't your strong suit—just jot down your favorite memory together or list out all the things you love about her.

Donate to an Organization That Supports Women

Since the origins of the holiday are to bring awareness to women's rights, consider donating to an organization that fights gender inequality. There are dozens of worthy causes (here's a thorough list), but we've picked a few to help you get started.

UN Women: Officially known as The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, UN Women works to help and support women across the world. Their mission is to create global standards of gender equality by working with organizations and governments all over the world to implement laws, policies, and services that benefit women's equality.

Womankind Worldwide: This organization advocates for women's rights in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. They provide shelter for women escaping violence and work with international government agencies to change policies and protect women's rights.

Women for Women International: The goal of Women for Women International is to support women in countries affected by war and conflict. They help women make and save their own money, improve their health, and become more involved in their communities. To date, the organization has helped more than 478,000 women.

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