7 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate National Best Friends Day

This June 8, let your bestie know how much you love and appreciate them.

Every June, my social media timelines are flooded with posts for National Best Friends Day. And while I always thought it was a made-up day, I was pleasantly surprised to learn it's an official holiday. In 1935, Congress declared June 8 to be National Best Friends Day in the United States.

Congress wanted to devote a day to celebrating close friendships, and picked a date in early summer that would be convenient for getting together, since many parts of the country have good weather this time of year.

But why celebrate friendship? It turns out, spending time with close friends has some surprising health benefits. 22% of people live longer if they have a network of close friends. Plus, people who spend time with friends have a decreased chance of developing depression and anxiety.

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When Is National Best Friends Day?

The holiday is celebrated annually on June 8, which means the day of the week changes each year. This year, National Best Friends Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

How to Celebrate National Best Friend's Day

There are hundreds of ways you could celebrate the day, but even just a quick call or text will be much appreciated. We've rounded up seven sweet ways to let your bestie know how much you love and appreciate them. Plus, you can do most of them from anywhere in the world, so you and your squad can celebrate the day whether you live down the street or across the country from each other.

Send a Card

With a little advanced planning, you can send happy thoughts directly to your friends' mailboxes. Grab a set of fun friendship-theme cards ($20, Em & Friends) and write a personalized note in each one.

Call and Catch Up

You don't have to plan an elaborate day or spend a lot of money to let your bestie know how much you appreciate her. Uninterrupted time to talk and catch up can become harder to come by as we get older, and is always a sure way to boost your mood. Even if you frequently call or text, arrange a time to call and chat on June 8.

Buy Her Morning Coffee

Start her day on a high note by sending her a virtual gift card to her favorite coffee shop. Starbucks makes it easy to instantly send a gift card via email, which makes the perfect last-minute gift.

Have Brunch

Because the holiday falls on a Tuesday this year, plan a brunch date for the weekend before or after. Stop at your favorite local spot or go grocery shopping and whip up a few of our favorite brunch recipes together.

Surprise Her with a Gift

Celebrate your many years of friendship with a sweet surprise. These 25 gifts for your long-distance bestie will help you tell her just how much you love and appreciate her. Many of our favorite picks come with fast shipping times, so you can send the perfect gift straight to her door just in time. A Color Series Photo Book ($22, Artifact Uprising) filled with photos of the two of you is my go-to gift.

Send Flowers

Flowers are sure to brighten anyone's day! If you live nearby, pick a bouquet from your garden and leave it on her front porch. If you don't live close, have a 'just because' bouquet—like the Sweet Savannah Arrangement ($47, Teleflora)—delivered to her doorstep.

Post a Photo

Let everyone know how much you appreciate your girl gang by posting a photo of you and your friends. There are already more than 2.8 million posts on Instagram under #nationalbestfriendday, and I love scrolling through the posts to read everyone's sweet words.

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