This is What Happens When You Fail Really Hard at Christmas

Scroll down for some hilarious Christmas fails!
Pinterest Fail

'Tis the season for strawberry Santa hats, melted snowman cookies, and trendy decorated stockings to fill your Pinterest feed. Unfortunately, these classic Christmas DIY projects don't always result in the expected adorable outcomes. To the brave souls who attempted these crafts and shared their #PinterestFails with the world, we salute you! We've rounded up the top 8 biggest holiday DIY disasters so you can avoid your own! Check them out now:

1. Ornament Fail

Pinterest Fail

This tree-less Christmas evergreen is a chic and minimalistic approach to decorating — until one big gust of wind turns it into a tangled green-and-gold blob. For best results, stick to a tiny Charlie Brown-style tree.

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2. Sugar Cookie Snafu


We love this tiny tree-shaped tower of perfectly iced stars. Unfortunately, this Pinterest user learned the hard way that a little food coloring goes a long way. But we'll give them a thumbs-up for trying to cover it up with sprinkles.

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3. Not-So-Pretty Poinsettias

Pinterest Fail

Craving flower-shaped cookies like these? Try using a Spritz press instead. It's much easier and faster than shaping the treats yourself. We've even got you covered with a Spritz cookie recipe!

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4. Kitty Christmas Card

Pinterest Fail

Kittens definitely make the cutest Christmas cards. But when taking your own photo, try to sit Fluffy in an area away from decorations that look like his toys.

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5. Sorry Snow Globes

Sometimes Homemade

For those of you wondering if there's anything a Mason jar can't do, being turned into a teeny winter wonderland is one of those things. But with a little less glue and some smaller figurines, this Instagram user could be onto something...

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6. Gingerbread Shacks

Pinterest Fail

The key to constructing a beautiful gingerbread house? Using the right icing as "glue." While this Pinterest fan's houses made with ganache were a delicious effort, a stickier adhesive may have saved this village from crumbling. Check out our seven clever gingerbread house hacks right now to avoid your own #gingerfails.

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7. Cake Pop Flops

Craft Fail

This little polar bear looks like he spent a bit too much time in the sun. But we're not gonna lie — all that vanilla frosting probably means these cake bites actually taste delicious.

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8. Wrapping Gone Wrong


We get it. Sometimes, you run out of wrapping paper. But why cover up your blunder with a bow when you can just continue the pattern by drawing it on yourself?

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