This is What Happens When You Fail Really Hard at Christmas

Pinterest and blogs are bursting with fun holiday crafts and recipes. But have you ever tried them? Here are the hilarious results of some DIY Christmas fails. 

'Tis the season for strawberry Santa hats, melted snowman cookies, and trendy decorated stockings to fill your Pinterest feed. Unfortunately, these classic Christmas DIY projects don't always result in the expected adorable outcomes. To the brave souls who attempted these crafts and shared their #PinterestFails with the world, we salute you! We've rounded up the top 10 biggest holiday DIY disasters so you can avoid your own!

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1. The Grinch Tree

We're always looking for ways to spruce up our Christmas tree. This Grinch-themed tree found on Pinterest looked ideal until we saw another DIYer's failed attempt. The stuffed tights look less like legs and more like two green poles with a Santa hat on top. After seeing this, we'll stick to decorating our Christmas tree with ornaments and twinkle lights. 

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2. Snowman Brownie Bites

These marshmallow-topped brownie bites found on Pinterest look like the perfect Christmas party dessert. But, you should probably learn from others' mistakes. One blogger gave them a try and ended up with ghoulish faces. Maybe these are better suited for Halloween! This year, try your hand at snowman desserts with this fool-proof cupcake topper.

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3. Christmas Orbs

One clever blogger posted this picture of frozen colored ice orbs in their yard. The post, which we found on Pinterest, quickly spread around the Internet until a few unlucky homeowners decided to give it a try. The giant marbles they were supposed to get turned into piles of deep red snow. So much for a magical front yard on Christmas morning. 

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4. Fruit Christmas Tree

If you're not a baker, you may be tempted to stay away from cookies and cakes this holiday season. If your solution is to instead make this adorable holiday fruit tree found on Pinterest, you might want to think again. One cook tried their best to recreate the fruit tree, but ended up with a display that looks more like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree than a full fruit tree. Better luck next year!

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5. Christmas Ornament Tree

This ornament Christmas tree alternative is a chic and minimalistic approach to decorating—until one big gust of wind turns it into a tangled green-and-gold blob, like this one we found on Pinterest Fail. For best results, try a tabletop Christmas tree or our tutorial for a DIY ornament tree.

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6. Sugar Cookie Tree

We love this tiny tree-shaped tower of perfectly iced star cookies. Unfortunately, this Pinterest user learned the hard way that a little food coloring goes a long way. But we'll give them a thumbs-up for trying to cover it up with sprinkles. Maybe for your next cookie exchange, you should go with something a little less ambitious. 

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7. Poinsettia Cookies

Craving flower-shaped cookies like these ones found on via Pinterest Fail? Try using a Spritz press instead. It's much easier and faster than shaping the treats yourself. We've even got you covered with a spritz cookie recipe!

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8. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Yes, there are some things a Mason jar just can't do, and this Christmas fail found on Sometimes Homemade is proof. But with a little less glue and some smaller figurines, this Instagram user could have seen success. We worked out the kinks and made our own DIY Mason jar snow globes.

Image courtesy of Pinterest Fail

9. Gingerbread House

The key to constructing a beautiful gingerbread house? Using the right icing as "glue." While this Pinterest fan's houses, found on Pinterest Fail, made with ganache were a delicious effort, a stickier adhesive might have saved this village from crumbling. Check out our seven clever gingerbread house hacks right now to avoid your own #fail.

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10. Wrapping Paper

We get it. Sometimes, you run out of wrapping paper. But why cover up your blunder with a bow when you can just continue the pattern by drawing it on yourself, like this Christmas fail found on reddit? If you really want to step up your gift wrapping game, we'll show you how to master the Japanese wrapping technique.


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