St. Patrick's Day Ideas

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This March 17, celebrate all St. Patrick's Day has to offer with our fun St. Patrick's Day ideas. We've complied a list of our favorite things to do to celebrate the most Irish day of the year, including drinking green beer, heading to a St. Patrick's day parade, and making your own St. Patrick's Day crafts.

Make a Clover Craft with the Kids

Create your own luck with a fun and kid-friendly St. Patrick's Day craft. This easy-to-make four-leaf shamrock hat comes together with just a paper plate, scissors, and colored markers.

Enjoy a Beer-Based Drink

Whether you love beer on its own or mixed into a special cocktail, St. Patrick's Day marks a popular time to celebrate Irish-made Guinness and other beer-based drinks. This black patent recipe is made with chocolate vodka and simple syrup to balance the complex nuttiness of the beer.

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

Get your wee lads and lassies in the St. Patrick's spirit with a simple scavenger hunt. Hide clover stickers throughout the house; the kiddo who finds the most gets the pot of gold (chocolate coins!). Serve shamrock cookies so all the kids win!

Create Cute Leprechaun Hats

Celebrate St. Pat's with a crunchy cucumber treat designed to look like a leprechaun hat. Cut 1-inch sections of an English cucumber, and lay the pieces flat on a plate, as shown. Trim a cucumber brim for each hat and set it in place. Finish with a sliced cheese band and buckle, attached with dots of hummus or dip.

Make a St. Patrick's Day Shake

Mint-flavor shakes are a St. Patrick's Day staple, so make your own at home to celebrate the holiday. Mint ice cream adds the recognizable flavor to the sweet -- switch it for the vanilla in our ice cream shake recipe.

Dress in Green

St. Patrick's Day tradition holds that if you're not wearing green on March 17, you'll get pinched. Simply add a touch of green to your wardrobe this year as an easy way to show your Irish spirit.

Cook a Traditional Irish Dinner

For a traditional take on St. Patrick's Day festivities, prep a classic Irish dinner for your family and friends. Include recipe favorites such as corned beef and cabbage, potato soup, and braised greens.

Watch a St. Patrick's Day Parade

You don't have to be in Ireland to commemorate the day. New York City, Chicago, Boston, and many other cities throw huge St. Patrick's Day celebrations, including parades. Bundle up according to the weather, and celebrate all your city has to offer.

Serve a Green Snack

Give your kids a color-appropriate St. Patrick's Day snack this year. Looking for a great idea? Try a dollop of smashed avocado on rye toast.

Decorate Your Home with Irish-Inspired Decor

Show off your love for St. Patrick's Day by filling your house with all things green. We especially love this shamrock mantel decoration: Not only is it quick to make, but it's an easy way to bring the luck of the Irish into your home.

Make a St. Patrick's Day Dessert

Looking for a quick and fun St. Patrick's Day idea? Whip up some St. Patrick's Day desserts to share at the office, with the kids, or at festive get-together.

Catch a Leprechaun

According to the National Leprechaun Museum in Dublin, Ireland, if you can catch a leprechaun, he is obliged to tell you where his gold is stashed. But keep a close eye on him -- legend has it he's liable to disappear if you look away.

Enjoy a Green Beverage

Be prepared to have a green smile on St. Patrick's Day. Beverages at restaurants, street festivals, and bars are often dyed green in honor of the day. Green beer, in particular, is a fan favorite on this Irish-inspired holiday.

Watch the Chicago River Turn Green

Going to be in Chicago the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day? Head downtown to see the parade and watch the Chicago River magically turn a delightful shade of Irish green. Around 5,000 spectators line the sides of Columbus Drive every year to watch the dyeing of the river, a tradition that is more than 40 years old.

Wear a Four-Leaf Clover

Legend has it that Saint Patrick used three-leaf clovers to illustrate the concept of the Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). Four-leaf clovers are rare and are therefore considered lucky. Paint a clover on your face or dress in a clover-print garment to make your day a lucky one.

Watch Irish Step Dancing

The unique steps and beautiful costumes make Irish step dancing one of our favorite St. Patrick's Day ideas. Catch a performance at your local parade or Irish festival.

Listen to Bagpipes

The sound of bagpipes in the air is a standard for St. Patrick's Day. Check out performances by the unique, talented musicians at a local parade or festival.

Give a St. Patrick's Day Treat

Mint chocolate candies make the perfect St. Patrick's Day gift when wrapped with ribbon and topped with a shamrock sticker. Stack in groups of three for a more hearty snack.

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