Shamrock cookies on a plate and one on a green napkin

St. Patrick's Day Traditions

Explore the rich culture, history, and customs of the Irish this St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick's Day, or the feast of St. Patrick, is traditionally known as the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland. Of course you know to wear green and give a pinch to those who don't, but Irish traditions don't stop there. Indulge in classic Irish recipes, such as corned beef and cabbage, or Irish soda bread. Make St. Patrick's Day a learning experience for the whole family by trying our crafts for kids, or spicing up your home with some St. Patrick's Day decor. Learn an Irish song, such as "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" or "Danny Boy," and perform it for friends and family. Speaking of shamrocks, what better day than St. Patrick's Day to learn the history of the four-leaf clover? At least one of our interesting St. Patrick's Day ideas is sure to become a favorite family activity for future celebrations.