Throw the Ultimate Kid's Rainbow Party

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This St. Patrick's Day party is the perfect way to celebrate with little ones! Instead of sticking to the holiday's signature color, we're throwing a bright rainbow party. From festive food ideas to DIY party decor, we've got fun and easy ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with kids.

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DIY Rainbow Party

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There's more to St. Patrick's Day than just green! Celebrate with a colorful rainbow party. We're sharing adorable (and easy!) ideas for festive food, decor, and more.

Rainbow Photo Booth: Create fun photo props with just a few pool noodles! Simply glue colorful pool floats to a square of cardstock in a rainbow shape. Attach ribbon at the top to hang and get the camera ready!

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Colorful Fruit Kabobs

rainbow fruit kabobs

This colorful party treat is so easy to make, there's no recipe required! Simply thread colorful fruits onto bamboo skewers in a variety of colors. Here, we stuck to just three colors: red, orange, and green.

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Rainbow Fruit Pizza

Rainbow Fruit Pizza

Looking for a fun St. Patrick's Day party activity? Prep these rainbow fruit pizzas ahead of time and let the kids decorate them during the festivities. We used an assortment of colorful fruits to make the rainbow decoration.

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Rainbow Gelatin Squares

rainbow jello dessert

This rainbow dessert is a party on a plate! It takes just a bit of prep ahead of party time but it's as easy as mixing, pouring, and chilling. A tangy sour cream layer keeps it from being too sweet.

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End-of-the-Rainbow Cupcakes

Cupcake Rainbow,

A kid's Irish-themed party wouldn't be complete without these rainbow cupcakes. This stunning dessert doubles as a fun St. Patrick's day decoration. Only you'll know its as easy as piping on colored frosting.

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Party Activity: DIY Rainbow Foam

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This St. Patrick's Day party idea is perfect for kids! Let them get a little messy with a tub of colorful rainbow foam. To make, place 2 tablespoons clear dish detergent, 1 tablespoon nontoxic tempera paint, and 1/4 cup water in a bowl. Blend with an electric mixer for 1-2 minutes until stiff peaks form. For playtime, place the foam in a large plastic bin and let the kids dive in!

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Party Activity: DIY Frog Masks

cupcake-liner frog mask craft

Make sure this party is a "hoppy" one! Set up a station to create these handmade frog masks in shades of the holiday's signature color green. These fun masks double as take-home party favors for kids.

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Colorful Details

kids party straws

From rainbow party plates to colorful straws, keep the colorful theme going in the details. You don't have to make them yourself! Look for rainbow party decorations at your local crafts supply or party store.

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Party Decorations: Rainbow Balloons


Don't stress over extravagant rainbow theme decorations. Simply scatter bright balloons and you're ready for party time. Add a little extra embellishment with colorful washi tape.

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Party Favor: DIY Candy Station

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Rainbow party favors don't get sweeter than this! Set up a mix-and-match candy buffet and let the kids take home their favorite treats. Stock the station with kids party bags and scoops for easy access.

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