St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

Get in the spring spirit with these cute and easy Saint Patrick's Day crafts. No matter your heritage, you'll have a great time celebrating the luck of the Irish with your little ones.

1. Green Garlands

Little fingers will love forming these cute shamrock garlands. For one shamrock, take a strip of cardboard (or green construction paper), bend the ends in, and staple or glue together to form a heart shape. Repeat three times. Glue three heart shapes together to form the top half of the clover. Let dry. Take another strip and glue the ends together in a long oval shape to create the stem. Let dry. Attach the stem to the center with a dab of glue. Let dry. If using cardboard, paint the shamrock green. String shamrocks a few inches apart on fishing line or ribbon. 

2. Clover Patches

Show your St. Patrick's Day spirit with these lucky four-leaf clover patches. Cut felt into shamrock shapes, making one shape slightly smaller than the other. Glue felt pieces together. Paint wooden buttons with green watercolor paint, let dry five minutes before gluing onto the shamrock. Attach a pin or hair clip to the back of the shamrock with a dab of felt glue. Use green or gold ribbon to create a garland of these lucky charms.

3. Shamrock Toppers

Turn a basic pencil into a cute clover pinwheel. Cut out shamrock shapes from festive craft paper, then stick a green tack or pin through the center of the paper shape and through a pencil eraser. Make sure that the shamrock can spin freely and be careful that the point of the tack or pin doesn't go all the way through the eraser. Don't blow away!

4. Pot of Gold Treat Bags

Bring the luck of the Irish to your child's classroom with these Pot of Gold treat bags. Fill cellophane bags with gold coins, rainbow skittles, and other treats. Assign your child to card duty. Print festive messages onto cardstock and let your kid customize. Put the cards in the bag, and tie closed with a green ribbon. 

5. End-of-the-Rainbow Cupcakes

It may not be a pot of gold, but your kids will certainly enjoy the treat at the end of this cupcake rainbow. Bake (or buy) 44 plain cupcakes. Let cool. Divide vanilla frosting into six bowls. Keep one bowl white, then use food coloring to dye red, orange, yellow, green, and blue frostings. Frost 11 red cupcakes, 10 orange, 8 yellow, 7 green, 5 blue, and 3 white. Sprinkle mini marshmallows on the white cakes to create clouds. Arrange in a rainbow shape. Check out more of our yummy St. Patrick's Day treat ideas. 

6. Leprechaun Beard

Let your little one embrace their inner leprechaun with this photo-booth-ready beard. Cut a beard shape from corrugated cardboard, making sure the corrugations run vertically. Glue orange faux fur to the board. Let dry, then trim fur as necessary. Dab a bit of glue to the end of a bamboo skewer, then insert into a center flute of the cardboard. 

7. Irish Hats

Turn a boring kitchen essential into a clever clover hat. Draw a circle about 1-3/4 inches from the edge of a dinner-size paper plate. Sketch a shamrock shape inside the circle. If you're freehand skills are a littly rusty, fold the plate in half to make a symmetrical shamrock. Cut out the shape and the head hole, then have your child try on the hat. Widen the head hole as necessary. Decorate with stickers, glitter, markers, and paint. 


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