These easy-to-pull-off tricks and pranks for April Fool's Day are guaranteed to give everyone a laugh -- even the person you're fooling!

By Holly D'Anna

Messing with food and drink is an easy prank to pull on an unsuspecting family member, friend, or coworker on April Fool's Day. Our ideas are harmless and silly and are sure to give all involved a giggle. Just make sure you have a replacement food item -- especially if it's coffee -- nearby so no one goes hungry. See some of our fun and easy prank ideas for April Fool's Day below.

Prank Idea: Breakfast Switch

Put salt in the sugar container and watch an unsuspecting family member put it in his morning coffee. Be sure you have a second cup at the ready, though,  to keep the smile on his face. For a kid-friendly breakfast trick, take out cereal bags and put them in the wrong boxes, then sit back and watch everyone find their favorite cereal.

Prank Idea: Colored Milk

This trick only takes a few seconds and a few drops of food coloring. Surprise everyone at breakfast by pouring "expired milk" into their cereal. The trick is to only add a drop or two of green food coloring so the milk takes on a faint green color; otherwise the trick will be too obvious.

Prank Idea: Solid Drinks

The next time someone reaches for the juice, they'll get a surprise -- it won't pour! Add a convincing-looking color of jello to a juice container and let it set in the fridge. This fun trick works with milk, too. Stir one packet of powdered gelatin into two tablespoons of water and let stand for five minutes. Warm two cups of milk in the microwave and stir the gelatin mixture into the milk. Transfer to a glass pitcher or bottle and refrigerate until set, about two hours.

Prank Idea: Leaky Cup

Use a pin to poke a few small, undetectable holes in the top of disposable cups. As everyone takes a sip of their drink, watch as it ends up all over their shirts!

Editor's Tip: Make sure everyone chooses a drink that won't stain, or the joke will be on whoever has to do the laundry!

If you want to avoid tricks with food and drinks on April Fool's Day, try a few of these fun prank ideas. Messing with the clocks is a classic prank, or mix it up with super-glued coins, wrong-size shoes, or a silly phone message. Some of these April Fool's Day jokes work best for your family; others are great pranks to pull on coworkers or friends.

Prank Idea: Early Riser

If April Fool's Day falls on a weekday, wake up early and set all of the clocks in your house -- except for one -- forward to the time you usually eat breakfast. Wake everyone up for school or work and watch as they come to the breakfast table looking unusually tired. Once breakfast is over, tell everyone to check the correct clock.

Editor's Tip: If April Fool's Day falls on a weekend, set the clocks back one or two hours -- then soften the blow of not sleeping in by going out for breakfast.

Prank Idea: Wrong Shoe Size

This trick is super easy: bunch up toilet paper and stuff it in the toes of someone's shoes. They'll wonder why their shoes suddenly don't fit!

Prank Idea: An Important Message

Call your spouse at work and pretend to be the assistant for "Mr. Lyon," and leave an urgent message about a missed lunch date or important meeting. Make sure you say he would like a return call as soon as possible, and give the number for the local zoo.

Editor's Tip: If your voice is easily recognized, write the message down and leave it by the home phone for when your spouse gets home from work.

Prank Idea: Loose Change

Everyone will be tempted to pick up loose change they see on the sidewalk, but it will be hard to pick up coins you've super glued to the ground!

Editor's Tip: For this simple prank to be most effective, you'll want to find an area that gets a lot of foot traffic, like a front sidewalk or a driveway.



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