Keep Your New Year's Resolutions with These Home Cleaning Hacks

Resolve to keep your home mess-free with New Year's resolutions for creating better home cleaning habits. When you start the new year by removing clutter and creating a cleaning schedule, your home and happiness will improve for the rest of the year.

Resolution 1: Customize Your Cleaning Schedule

Just as no two homes are the same, your cleaning routines shouldn't be, either. Take the time to personalize your cleaning schedule based on your home's needs and what you realistically have time to complete each week. Evaluate which rooms need the most regular attention (skipping the places that aren't normally seen, like the guest room), and map out which cleaning tasks can be completed on a weekly or monthly basis. It's important to keep your routine simple and attainable so it stays consistent throughout the year.

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Resolution 2: Clear Your Home of Dangerous Toxins

Indoor air quality scientists say that the air you breathe inside your home can be more polluted than outdoors, especially if affected by cleaning products, air fresheners, potpourri, and perfumes. Commit to using homemade cleaners to keep your home dirt-free and safe. To banish household odors, create natural room scents, carpet powders, reed diffusers, and plug-in refills.

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Resolution 3: Finally Get Houseplants to Thrive

Regularly cleaning your houseplants helps keep dust and insects from settling into your home. Wash small or medium-size houseplants with lukewarm water, and wipe the leaves of large plants with a damp cotton cloth. Regularly remove dead or yellowing leaves to keep plants healthy.

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Resolution 4: Make Mattress Cleaning a Habit

We've all heard that you should rotate your mattress with the season to make it last longer, but what about cleaning the place where you sleep? Resolve to vacuum your mattress every month or, if you suffer from allergies, vacuum it every time you change the sheets. Slowly running a vacuum over the mattress gives it time to suck up dust and dust mites.

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Resolution 5: Shrink Your Bills (and Go Green!)

Who wants to save money this year? Start by lowering your utility bill. Simple home adaptations, like boosting energy conservation or installing a smart showerhead, can slash your energy bill. Some of the smartest home appliances (and newest trends in home design) can help you save money, time, and energy.

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