Hosting a New Year Party

Celebrate the New Year by turning your home into a party space that's better than Times Square. Our best New Year's Eve party ideas include homemade invitations, simple-yet-creative themes, and crowd-pleasing activities. Of course, no New Year's party would be complete without sophisticated champagne sips, the perfect New Year's Eve shot, and mouth-watering appetizers. Forget about people waiting for the New Year's Eve ball to drop—everyone's jaws will drop when they see the New Year's party you planned.

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    New Year's Eve Party Theme: Crazy About Confetti

    Grab the confetti poppers! This simple and inexpensive New Year's Eve party theme will fill guests with whimsy. Add a few pieces of confetti to your New Year's Eve party invitations to stay true to the theme, then when it's time to decorate, hang streamers across your ceiling and add a few touches of well-placed confetti across tables.

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    New Year's Eve Party Theme: A Golden New Year

    Bring prosperity and whimsy to your New Year's Eve celebration with this golden-hue party theme. Start with New Year's party invitations on gold paper and even ask guests to consider wearing a gold accent. For simple decorations, make a New Year's sign using gold glitter paper, add DIY decorations with a hint of gold, and finish the theme off with a metallic bow around the champagne bottle.

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    New Year's Eve Party Theme: The Great Gatsby

    We like large New Year's Eve parties, as F. Scott Fitzgerald would say, because they're so intimate. If you're craving a Roaring Twenties party to ring in the New Year with friends, our drink recipes will be the feather in your hat. The best way to complete your soiree? Fancy cocktails. Remeber to include a dress code on your New Year's invitation: fringe and fabulous. Guests can dress in glitter, silk, and flapper dresses, and dance the night away until the New Year begins.

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    New Year's Day Party: Host Brunch

    Not everyone is thrilled at the prospect of watching that clock hit midnight, and that's completely acceptable. If your dream New Year's Eve involves a snooze instead of "woos," consider hosting a bagel brunch or champagne celebration on New Year's Day instead.

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    New Year's Drink: Glittery NYE Shots

    These sweet vodka-based shooters are a perfect New Year's Eve party treat. Tint the lemon-drop shots with edible glitter with our 15-minute recipe, then pass out glasses to party participants. When the clock hits midnight, cheers with friends and throw back the sugared sips.

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    New Year's Drink: Champagne Party Punch

    Bubbly champagne gets a New Year's Eve party upgrade when you mix it with sweet Moscato and a touch of earthy Cognac. Add a little extra fizz with sparkling water, and you'll have guests gushing over this New Year's party drink recipe.

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    New Year's Drink: Champagne Float

    This berry-delicious sorbet float is finished off with a New Year's topping of champagne. Guests will especially love the dessert cocktail's garnish of fresh raspberries and lemon slices to balance the drink's initial sweetness. Cheers!

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    New Year's Eve Party Games

    Delight New Year's Eve guests with a playful dance-off or casual card games to pass the hours while waiting for the ball to drop. If you're feeling creative, create a trivia game with pop culture highlights for the year (example: what was the best-selling song of the year?) To add to the fun, offer clever DIY party favors as a reward for the winners!

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    New Year's Eve Icebreaker Game

    Write down a few New Year's Eve questions to get people reflecting on their year. Funny options could include the "most embarrassing moment" of the year or the "song they loved the most," while other questions could include "the one moment you wish you could relive" or the "kindest thing someone did for you this year."

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    New Year's Eve Photo Booth

    Say cheese! You'll want to snap a few high-quality photos to remember your New Year's Eve party for years to come! Thankfully, anyone can pull off a DIY photo booth by arranging good lighting against a wall in your home (the secret: use standing lamps to keep light above and in front of the subject). Make a backdrop of paper, tinsel, or streamers, and add a few party props. Guests can use their phones or polaroids to capture the midnight magic.

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    New Year's Eve Appetizers

    When planning your New Year's Eve party, choose quick and easy appetizers that are beloved by all. We recommend dips, savory classics, and crowd-pleasing charcuteries. Use our simple New Year's Eve recipes, and you might just find your new favorite snack.

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    New Year's Eve Desserts

    Don't forget dessert! Our decadent New Year's Eve dessert recipes will give guests the motivation stay up until midnight—or at least until the treats run out! Try our caffeinated desserts for a little extra energy boost, or clever desserts like shareable, sweet pizza.

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    New Year's Eve Party Favors

    Send guests home with mini bottles of champagne as their New Year's Eve memento. Decorate them with cute glittery ribbon or a note wishing them luck in the New Year!

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