This year, resolve to create more beautiful, livable rooms. How? Start with these decorating resolutions to keep all year long.

By Glenna J. Morton

I resolve to bring into my home only things I truly love.

What are the things you want to see every day? Are they contemporary or cottage, taupe or pink, shiny or textured? Resolving to live with the colors and styles that are an expression of you will help weed out anything that doesn't fit with your vision.

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Resolution 2

I resolve to never let a small budget prevent me from decorating.

There are many budget-friendly decorative solutions for almost any decorating challenge. You can paint, slipcover, or reinvent furniture from garage sales, thrift stores, or a relative's attic. Makeovers like these are easy on the pocketbook and give you pride of ownership as well.

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Resolution 3

I resolve not to rush the decorating process.

Avoid purchasing pieces just to fill in a room, since you may later regret those hasty buying decisions. Haven't found the perfect dining table yet? Use a fabric-covered plywood table until it comes along. Not sure what furniture to buy for your family room? Live in the space for a while so you can note traffic patterns and experiment with furniture arrangements.

Resolution 4

I resolve to commit to a color scheme.

Settling on "your" color palette should not only make decorating easier, but it can give your home a more cohesive feel. Learn to lift color palettes from a fabric or rug pattern (like the pink and green in the floral pillow fabric shown here), then crosslink these colors within adjacent rooms.

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Resolution 5

I resolve to eliminate clutter and get organized.

The months of January, February, and March may be the ideal time to start an organizing effort. Take one small area of your home each week and give it a makeover. Begin with small projects like a pantry, laundry area, or coat closet and work up to larger jobs like a bedroom closet. You'll love the results!



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