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New Year's Traditions

Ringing in the New Year is all about celebrating tradition. Whether you're starting a new tradition or continuing an old one, get all of our ideas for New Year's traditions right here. Sing the classic "Auld Lang Syne" as the clock approaches midnight, and check out our tips for toasting (plus historic toasts) so you can learn how to keep everyone's attention as you clink glasses. (You can get inspiration from -- or just copy -- our New Year's toasts, too.) A tradition that many take on is to set a few resolutions. We've got ideas that you'll be able to stick with: Our decorating resolutions, healthy eating ideas, and workout plans give you ideas and inspiration to start off the New Year right. It's fun to follow traditions during a New Year's party -- we help you celebrate New Year's Eve with your kids. Our low-key approach to New Year's celebrations includes ideas for easy and kid-approved activities and decorations, plus tasty New Year's party food and fun New Year's party games. Browse our ideas to discover a new family holiday tradition.