Host a Festive New Year's Eve Champagne Theme Party

Host the ultimate bubbly-themed bash, complete with delicious recipes, our best decor ideas, and free printables.

Pop the bubbly and go all out for this New Year's Eve party theme! We have delicious ideas and recipes to add to your bottles of bubbly, like champagne candy, cotton candy champagne, and champagne gummies. Gather friends and family for this fun New Year's Eve party at home and use our easy party-planning tips to pull off this party stress-free. Since it's right after the busy holiday season, New Year's Eve party planning can be stressful—but it doesn't have to be. We'll show you how to make your own easy decorations and party favors, plus teach you how we styled our free party printables!

sideboard with pink champagne party decor
Carson Downing

Make a DIY Balloon Garland

Set the tone of your New Year's Eve party by hanging a DIY balloon garland above the serving area. As soon as guests walk in, they'll know this is going to be a party to remember. A large balloon garland might look intimidating, but it's actually super quick and easy to make. We purchased a package of balloons in various shades of pink, then used a string of balloon garland tape (yes, that's a thing!) to create the body of our garland. We hung the garland with string and nails, adding a few sprigs of greenery and a couple of large blooms to finish the look.

pink ice cubes and champagne bottle detail

Carson Downing

Dress Up the Bubbly

We're obsessed with floral ice, and it's the perfect way to keep your bubbly cold and add some decoration at the same time. It's easier than it looks, too! Start with a store-bought bouquet of pink and purple flowers; cut the flowers so they lay flat, and pull a few petals from the larger blooms. Fill square silicone ice trays about two-thirds of the way with distilled water (it freezes clear, unlike regular tap water) and freeze for a few hours. When the ice is solid, take the tray out and arrange petals and small flowers on top of the ice; fill the remaining third of each mold with more distilled water and freeze again. Right before the party starts, empty your floral ice into a drink bucket or tray, and add a bottle of bubbly.

mini champagne bottles decorated with confetti
Carson Downing

Confetti Champagne Bottles

You can't throw a New Year's Eve party without a fun party favor, and we are loving these mini champagne bottles covered in confetti. Guests might think these are professionally-made party favors, but the adorable bottles are easy to DIY. To make them, purchase a set of mini bottles, shiny confetti, and spray adhesive. The adhesive and glitter combo can get messy, so we recommend putting newspaper down before you start. Spray a light coat of adhesive to a mini bottle, then sprinkle on the confetti. To get the fully covered look, you'll probably need a few coats of adhesive and confetti. Repeat the process for each bottle and let them dry overnight before finishing them off with one of our free printable tags.

champagne party sign pop fizz clink script

Carson Downing

DIY Decor

We are loving the acrylic sign trend, and we're even more obsessed with how it looks with gold lettering. These signs are quick and easy to make and even easier to display, which makes them perfect for a New Year's Eve party at home. We cut gold vinyl and attached it to an acrylic sign to make this DIY party decoration. Make your own with our free printable pattern. If you don't have a way to cut vinyl, just print the pattern, tape it to the back of the acrylic sheet, and trace the lettering with a gold paint pen.

small arrangement with mini champagne bottle

Carson Downing

Decorate with Fresh Flowers

For New Year's Eve party decor that's simple and chic, fresh flowers are an easy way to tie the whole setup together, especially if you're working with a color scheme. To match the floral elements in the balloon garland, we created small arrangements of the same flowers to display on the buffet table—this is a great way to add a pop of color to an area with a lot of neutral colors (like our snack bar).

detail of champagne party tasting card
Carson Downing

Party Activity: Champagne Tasting Cards

Once your guests have had a chance to mingle and pour themselves a glass, break out the New Year's Eve party games! Our free printable tasting cards are a fun way for guests to try different kinds of champagne and compare notes with other guests. If you're planning to use the tasting cards, serve at least three different kinds of champagne.

sweets and treats for champagne party

Carson Downing

Party Food: Simple Snacks

Keep the snack bar light and fun; arrange an assortment of finger foods on the bar for easy snacking and sipping. Keep the prep easy with a variety of store-bought snacks. Popcorn, nuts, chocolates, and gummy candies are good bite-size options—plus they match the party color scheme!

Baked Brie with Roasted Garlic wooden plate appetizer
Carson Downing

Party Food: Baked Brie with Roasted Garlic

If you'll be supplying guests with several choices of champagne and cocktails, consider adding a more substantial snack to the party menu. This appetizer is one of our favorites because it's small enough for grab-and-go snacking, and it's more filling than candy or popcorn. You can never go wrong with bread covered in cheese, and these bite-size snacks are as classy as they are delicious.

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