Who Else Wants These Perfect New Year's Eve Cupcakes?

Step aside, mediocre brownies. These cupcakes are the new star of the dessert table.
Sprinkles for Breakfast

If you're going to be celebrating the New Year in style, you better ring it in the right way – with cupcakes! Cupcakes are the perfect party food because they are easy to eat while you mingle and no one will notice if you go for seconds... or thirds. But with the whole country under a cupcake coma this year, it's tough to pick the right one! We made it a little bit easier for you by rounding up the top eight cupcakes for New Year's Eve celebrations. Each of these recipes has a little more sparkle, fizz, and pop than a plain chocolate or vanilla cupcake. Enjoy!

1. Champagne Cupcakes

Nothing says New Year's Eve like a classic champagne toast. Capture that same elegant fizz and flavor in a cupcake with our champagne-infused recipe. The sweet bubbly ingredient enhances the vanilla flavor while lightening up the cake texture.

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2. Countdown Cupcakes

Somewhat Simple

These cupcakes will make your guests say: "aww." Split a cream-filled sandwich cookie in half and use an edible marker or pen to draw a miniature clock on the white surface. Then stick the tasty clock on top of a box mix cupcake for a super easy dessert in a pinch.

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3. Tiramisu Cupcakes

New Year's Eve tends to bring out the fancy side in us. Everyone comes dressed to the nines while eating lobster dinners and smiling over champagne toasts. Turn your dessert table up a notch, too, with these tiramisu cupcakes topped with mascarpone frosting.

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4. Confetti Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Sprinkles For Breakfast

You'll have a hard time resisting these sweet, delicious cookie dough cupcakes. As the confetti falls down around you, sink your teeth into this festive treat, complete with chunks of cookie dough baked right into the recipe!

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5. Chocolate With a Kick

These aren't your average chocolate cupcakes. With a party as important as New Year's Eve, we decided to kick it up with a pinch of ground chipotle chile pepper. It's just enough to turn this box cake mix from blah to BAM.

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6. Maple Bacon Bourbon Cupcakes

If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

If there's one thing we know for certain, it's that bacon-flavored everything will still be trending for years to come. Celebrate this year's hottest food trend by making these sweet and savory maple bacon bourbon cupcakes.

Get the recipe from If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen.

7. Confetti Celebration Cupcakes

There's just an hour before guests start to arrive and you realize you forgot to make dessert! What do you do? Whip up a dozen of these super simple confetti cupcakes. A DIY piping bag creates multicolored frosting strings that look just like confetti. Genius!

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8. Eggnog Cupcakes

I Heart Naptime

'Tis the season, and there is no better time to enjoy eggnog than with all your friends on New Year's Eve. This year, put a spin on the classic drink by infusing it into a simple cupcake recipe. This booze-free dessert is great for the whole family!

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