New Year Food Traditions Around the World

The New Year is celebrated all around the world with remarkable cuisines and food traditions that you can adapt for your own holiday party. Bring good luck and prosperity to your New Year's celebration with our delicious recipes that span across the world. These global New Year's food traditions are sure to impress friends and family—so for now, forget your passport and grab a plate!

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    American South: Calico Blue Corn Bread

    The golden hue of cornbread is believed to bring wealth in the New Year—but your guests will consider themselves lucky just to eat this sweet dish. This one-pan buttermilk bread takes just 15 minutes of prep time and boasts a creative ingredient: blue-tinted corn. Toss some fire-roasted kernals into the batter for extra luck, and get ready for a crowd reaction that's as good as gold.

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    American South: Black-Eyed Peas

    As a traditional southern soul food, black-eyed peas are proclaimed to bring prosperity in the New Year. There are countless ways to cook up this New Year's Eve side dish, but a crowd-favorite is to make refried black-eyed peas. Our recipe includes a crowd-pleasing spicy chile kick that will catapult you toward success (at least at your New Year's party!).

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    American South: Savory Collard Greens

    These hearty greens are an American favorite during the New Year because of their savory flavor and bright coloring that matches money. To perfect this side dish, cook lightly-spiced pancetta until browned and allow it to simmer in chicken broth with bunches of collard greens until they are tender.

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    American South: Blue Cheese Cornbread

    This bite-sized southern staple mixes the sweetness of delicate corn with a strong kick of blue cheese. Drizzle this soft dinner bread with a helping of honey and enjoy it with your New Year's Eve feast of choice.

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    French: Champagne Float

    The New Year's Eve drink of choice originated in France, but thankfully has spread all around the world. This bubbly raspberry sip is best served with a fruity sorbet (we recommend lemon to balance the sweetness of raspberry), and it will guarantee that your guests ring in the New Year with a sweet smile.

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    French: Champagne Party Punch

    Pass the punch! This golden-hued New Year's recipe combines bubbly champagne with sweet Moscato and a subtle Cognac finish. The French-inspired party punch is best displayed with a garnish of citrus kumquats.

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    Germany: Sauerkraut and Pork Shoulder Roast

    Serve tender beer-marinated pork on a thick, open-faced sandwich for a German-inspired meal during the New Year. For extra luck, add a hearty helping of sauerkraut. This dish was popularized in America thanks to the Pennsylvania Dutch who believed pork symbolized progress and that the cabbage condiment would bring a sweet year.

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    Chinese: Sesame Dan Dan Noodle Bowl

    To sustain a long life, eat a broth bowl with Chinese egg noodles during the New Year. Our sesame broth and Asian-flavored pork will keep you warm during the holiday, and the traditional dish from China's Szechuan province will add worldly charm to your dinner menu.

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    Chinese: Soup Dumplings

    In China, the more dumplings you consume equals the luckier your New Year's celebration will supposedly be. Challenge accepted? Make these authentic pork-stuffed dumpling buns with a savory soup filling, and you'll be the most beloved party host around.


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    Mexico: Mini Tamales

    Mini Mexican appetizers to kick off New Year's Eve? Yes, please! These tasty tamales can be customized with savory pork, spicy shrimp, classic chicken or cheesy queso. This traditional Mexican cuisine is cherished year-round, but it's especially enjoyed during holiday celebrations.

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    Turkey: Pita Nachos with Pomegranate and Mint

    For a fresh take on your New Year's party appetizer, make Mediterranean nachos featuring fresh pomegranate seeds. In Turkey, pomegranates are said to usher abundance and fertility into the New Year. In our quick-and-easy recipe, pita chips are covered with feta cheese, shredded turkey, zesty spices, and fresh pomegranate seeds.

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    Turkey: Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

    For a bubbly glass of champagne with a touch of added luck for the New Year, try our crowd-pleasing pomegranate cocktail. Combine chilled champagne with sweet pomegranate juice in this simple sip. Finish off the beverage with a garnish of pomegranate seeds, which are said to symbolize a year of abundance.

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    Spain: Bacon-Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Shallots with Blistered Grapes

    The grapes of Spain are certainly well-loved during the holiday season (ahem, wine), but they are also considered good luck on their own during the New Year celebration. To easily incorporate grapes into your New Year's dinner, roast them alongside sweet potatoes, shallots, and bacon.

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    Italy: Caramelized Veggie Lentil Salad

    The Italians believe lentils, which are chock-full of protein and fiber, will bring prosperity to all who consume the New Year's dish. This hearty salad will keep you feeling healthy in the New Year, but the good fortune is up to you! To make, toss together lentils, caramelized vegetables, and herbs with a tangy balsamic dressing to create this one-of-a-kind veggie salad.

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    Japan: Bahn Mi Noodle Bowl

    This protein-packed broth bowl is filled with Japanese ramen noodles for longevity in the New Year. Sriracha sauce and ginger add flavor to this 25-minute meal, while radishes and cucumber make a colorful and delicious garnish.

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