Ring in the New Year with games perfect for both big and small groups!


A successful New Year's party means pulling out all the stops: the cork in your bubbly, fine apps to nosh on and, of course, fun entertainment. For a rockin' New Year, pick your favorites from our game suggestions below and brush up with our tips on hosting a New Year's Party.

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Two Resolutions & a Lie

You know, like two truths and a lie but with a little New Year's spin! Get your poker face on and share two resolutions you'd like to see through next year and one not so much—in no particular order, of course. Need ideas for New Year's resolutions? Start with our decorating resolutions or gardening resolutions. Go around the group and let everyone have their say before revealing the truths and the lie. This game will help you and your guests map out next year's resolutions and also test how well you know each other.

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New Year's Trivia

Because who doesn't love a classic game of trivia? Before you bid the year adieu, test your knowledge on all the happenings from the last 365 days. Divide 25 questions into five different rounds (or however many questions and rounds you see fit), and assign a different category to each. Think TV, music, politics, fashion, food, and beyond. Divide guests into groups, providing each group with paper and a pen to write down their answers. Give the team one point for each question answered correctly. Whichever team racks up the most points wins. A fancy bottle of Champagne, perhaps? We think yes!

Spoons Card Game

All you need is a 52-card deck and one less spoon than the number of players. Each player is dealt four cards, and the remaining deck is placed next to the dealer. Place all spoons in the middle. The goal of the game is to have grabbed a spoon when the round is over. Players can grab a spoon when they 1) have a four-of-a-kind in their hand, or 2) when somebody else takes a spoon. The person who didn't grab a spoon in time is out, and the game is repeated until the last player remaining wins. Be sure to scope out the sneaky players in your circle, or they might pull a fast one on you—literally!

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Homemade Pictionary

It's hard to find New Year's Eve games for family that welcomes all guests. This one is a classic for all ages! Skip the game set and let players use their imaginations. Leave out a bowl of paper scraps for people to write a noun or two before game playing starts. The fewer instructions you give, the more fun the game!

To play, you'll need four or more people, two dry-erase boards, and two dry-erase markers. Split into equal groups, assigning one person as the artist. Set the timer for two minutes. Let each artist choose a noun from the bowl, and then it's go time! The artist must draw the given noun while their team guesses what it is. First team to guess correctly wins.

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Reverse Charades

Another New Year's Eve game perfect for family: reverse charades. Instead of one person acting out a word for the team to guess, one person will guess while the rest of the team has to silently act it out together. Each correct guess equals one point, and every word accidentally blurted costs the team one point. No game set necessary here—the hostess can just create the words ahead of time and keep things fair by serving as time and point keeper!

Word Play

Take Ellen Degeneres' app game "Heads Up" old-school by using pen and paper instead. Set up a table with trays, each marked with chosen categories, such as favorite SNL characters or popular '90s songs, as well as sheets of paper and pens.

When guests walk in, they can submit their picks for each category and place them upside-down in the correct tray. (Hostess Tip: Fix them a delicious New Year's Eve drink while they fill these out.)

When everyone is ready, huddle into teams of three or four depending on your party's size, assigning one person as the guesser who will sit across from the team. Place a tray in front of them and set the timer for one minute. The player flips up a sheet of paper without seeing the answer on the front, and the team has to help them figure it out without actually saying the exact answer. Once they guess correctly, they pull up the next sheet of paper until all are out or the timer is up. Players get one pass only. Each team must get a different category, and whoever has the most correct answers, wins!

Would You Rather?

One of the most fun New Year's Eve games for adults, Would You Rather lets friends get personal. The game poses two questions and can be as lighthearted or as deep as you wish. For example, would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible? Would you rather experience an earthquake or a tornado? Would you rather get stuck in an elevator with Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds? Let each guest ask a question of their choice until all guests have answered, and then go for a second round!


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