The ball has dropped, the confetti has rained, and now it's time for your friends to head home and relieve their babysitters. Don't send your party guests home empty-handed! These insanely cute New Year's Eve party favors are the perfect gift to send your guests home in style.

By Brandi Dye

We love a good New Year's Eve party. There's nothing better than celebrating what's to come with friends and family. Once you've decided on a theme, party decorations, and the perfect party snacks, it's time to think about what party favor will bring smiles to your friends' faces. We've rounded up our favorite New Year's party favor ideas that are all DIY and customizable.

Mini Champagne Bottles

Throw a New Year's champagne-theme party and provide guests with a favor to match. Encourage your guests to take home a bit of that New Year's Eve magic to enjoy sometime during the New Year. It doesn't have to be a special occasion to enjoy the sparkle of confetti or the fizz of champagne–keep the excitement going all year long!

Galaxy Notebook

New year, new goals. Your friends need somewhere to jot down their resolutions or to start their bullet journal. Give them one-of-a-kind handmade galaxy notebooks. While the art on the notebook covers might be handmade, each favor starts with a store-bought notebook. Instagrammer and blogger Amber Kemp-Gerstel (who you might have seen on NBC's Making It!) will show you how it's done.

New Year's Eve Noise Makers

Noisemakers are a New Year's Eve staple, but have you tried making your own? Opt for DIY noisemakers and customize them to your party's theme, colors, or even for each guest! Sending your guests home with a noisy little present will remind them of the raucous good time they had ushering in the new year. Learn how to make this DIY New Year's party favor—it's easy!

Resin Heart Pins

Who doesn't want to start the new year with a little bit of love? These fabulous golden pins make a great, sparkly New Year's Eve party favor and are a stylish year-round accessory. Get ahead of the curve and wear your pin with your special-occasion New Year's Eve outfit. You're sure to get dozens of compliments. See the full DIY instructions and learn how to make the pins from Sarah Rivero Khandjian's blog.

DIY Confetti Hangers

Cleaning out or organizing closets is a common New Year's resolution. Might as well make it a pretty one! Start the new year with pretty hangers that will encourage your friends to up their organization game. Plus, as Coreen Marie Farrell mentions in her caption, it's the perfect hanger for those "waiting for a special occasion" outfits!

Quick Fudge

Mmmm... chocolate. Everybody loves a bite of chocolaty goodness! Our fabulous five-minute fudge recipe seriously only takes five minutes to make and is super easy to package up and send home with your New Year's Eve party guests. A shiny or sparkly box gives it that New Year's Eve touch.

Galaxy Coasters

Metallic-flecked coasters are perfect for protecting your tabletop and for a New Year's party favor idea. The hexagonal coasters used by blogger Kara Whitten of Kailo Chic are totally modern and, well, chic! Pick your paint swirls according to your party's color scheme and package them as sets or let your guests choose their own. Be sure to make a few extra—you're going to want to keep some for yourself!



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