Pinwheel Wreath

Get the party off to a festive start with this whimsical wreath.

What You Need:

Try pinning beads or sequins to the base of the wreath for special sparkles.
  • 6 inches of 18-gauge wire
  • Thick white crafts glue
  • 16-inch wreath foam, such as Styrofoam
  • 2 yards of tulle netting in desired color
  • 5 large metallic pinwheels
  • Awl
  • Ruler
  • 3 small metallic pinwheels
  • Metallic curling ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Flathead pins


1. Bend wire in half to form a loop. Twist ends together. Add glue to the ends and push them into the back of the wreath for a hanger.

2. Cut tulle into 6-inch-wide strips. Wrap the tulle around the wreath form, pinning the ends of the tulle to the back side of the wreath.

3. Remove handles from the five large pinwheels. Push the ends of the pinwheels into the top edge of the wreath, arranging the pinwheels evenly across the top of the wreath. If necessary, use an awl to make a hole in the foam first.

4. Trim the handles on the smaller pinwheels to measure about 6 inches in length. Push them into the top edge of the wreath bottom as shown.

5. Pin lengths of curling ribbon to the wreath under the edges of the pinwheels. Trim as desired.


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