Glistening Goblets

Painted goblets double as elegant candleholders when they're filled with strings of beads and votive candles.

What You Need:

After your New Year's party winds down, send these decorations home with your guests as favors.
  • Clear glass stemware
  • Glass paint in desired colors
  • Disposable plate
  • Paintbrushes
  • Strings of beads
  • Votive candles


1. Wash and dry the stemware. Avoid touching the areas to be painted.

2. Place small amounts of paint onto a disposable plate. Paint desired motifs on the base and stems of the glass. If layering colors, let dry between coats. Let the paint dry.

3. Bake the painted pieces in the oven if required by paint manufacturer. Let cool.

4. Place beaded string in the stemware. Nestle a votive candle in the beads. To avoid breakage, do not let the flame get close to the glass.


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