Family-Friendly New Year's Eve Party

Trying to plan exciting New Year's Eve family events? Throw a party at home filled with food and fun. We're sharing easy decorating ideas, delicious recipes, and ideas for the ultimate New Year's night in. Plus, get creative New Year's Eve games perfect for family time.

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    Party at Home

    Instead of braving the crowds, stay in and throw the ultimate family New Year's party. Decorate with plenty of confetti, balloons, and streamers for the most festive party space. Make DIY confetti from scraps of leftover holiday wrapping paper, tissue paper, or even newspaper. 

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    Beverage Bar

    Colored sanding sugar is the secret to this festive New Year's party drink station. Set out dishes and let guests play mixologist. If you're serving alcohol, set it up in a different location away from little hands. 

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    Make Fondue

    A big batch of cheese fondue is one of our favorite New Year's Eve party foods. It's perfect for adults and even the pickiest eaters. Set out a variety of dippers like tater tots, pretzels, tortellini, and veggies. 

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    Confetti Contest

    Get the kids involved in a little friendly competition. A confetti-tossing contest is an entertaining New Year's eve party game. See who can toss a handful of confetti the highest with bonus points for flair. Sure, it's a little messy but the fun is totally worth it. 

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    Fun Party Favors

    Fill a clear jar with fun New Year's party favors like noise makers, balloons, and mini disco balls that doubles as an easy centerpiece. During the party, award prizes to the game winners or gift each guest with their own to take home. 

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    Party Hat Cakes

    These cute cakes have their party hats on. This easy New Year's dessert is baked in snow cone liners and decorated with colorful candy. Make the cake ahead and decorate during party time with the littles. 

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    Photo Op

    During your New Year's party, let the kiddos play photographer. Turn it into a fun New Year's eve family game by creating a list of things to capture on film and see who can collect the most snaps! Try common party moments like toasts, confetti tosses, and candids. 

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    Confetti Cookies

    These colorful cookies are the perfect snack to ring in the New Year. Serve them on a big tray decorated with plenty of bright sprinkles. 

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    DIY Confetti Balloons

    These aren't your basic party balloons. A dose of colorful confetti makes them the perfect piece of New Year's Eve party decor. Plus, they're super simple to make! 

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    Noise Makers

    Instead of the classic kiss, ring in the New Year with fun noisemakers. Keep bedtimes in mind and celebrate the big moment well before the ball drops.

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    Dance Party

    Get the New Year's Eve party started with a fun dance party! Clear a space in the center of the room and play festive family-friendly music. Make a game of it and give awards to those with the best moves. 

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    DIY Confetti Hats

    This fun New Year's Eve party idea is as easy as cutting and gluing. Make each kiddo a colorful crown to wear for the evening. Use our free template and decorate them with bits of tissue paper confetti.

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