Dazzling package wraps double the fun of this host-and-hostess gift.

Dress up a purchased (or homemade) organza bag with this easy technique. For this project, you'll need a sheer fabric gift bag as well as a bottle of dimensional paint (available in a craft store). We used metallic gold paint on a gold organza bag, but silver, white, or other colors could look pretty as well.

Lay the fabric bag flat on the table and fill the center with a panel of cardboard or foil inserted into the bag so that paint applied to the top won't seep through to the back of the bag. Test your bottle of dimensional paint on a piece of fabric or paper first so make sure it is working. Then apply the paint to your bag in coils, squiggles, and other simple geometric designs. Space each design so the look remains uncrowded and elegant.

When the paint is dry, turn the bag over and decorate the back as well. Once the paint is fully dry, insert the beverage bottle or gifts, then pull up the drawstrings. For an added touch, tie beads, charms, or even party accessories (like this festive paper horn) into the knots of cording used to cinch up the bag.