With these clever wire-wrapped glasses, your toast to the season is sure to be unforgettable.

Toasting Goblets
These goblets are wired for fun.
  • Clear glass goblet
  • Lead-free solder (available at hardware stores)
  • Plastic-coated colored wire
  • Jingle bells, charms, or beads (holes must be large enough to thread item onto solder)


1. Cut a piece of solder approximately 20 inches long. Wrap the solder piece with colored wire, letting the solder show through. If desired, wire on jingle bells or other embellishments while wrapping the solder.

2. Wrap the wire-wrapped solder around the goblet. Twist the ends into spirals if desired.

More Ideas:

  • Ornate shank buttons (perhaps stars or snowflakes) may be added instead of jingle bells.
  • To give a bottle of Champagne, wine, or sparkling cider, wrap the bottle neck with solder and colored wire.


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