Silver Champagne Cozy

Fine restaurants serve wine wrapped in a simple napkin; you can take that elegant touch a step further by fashioning a beautiful cozy. These wraps are so easy to make, you'll want some for entertaining and for gifts.

What You Need:

Avoid drips and slips with a wine cozy.
  • 1 silver cloth napkin
  • 4 large decorative buttons
  • Thread to match napkin
  • Needle and pins
  • 1 yard coordinating ribbon


1. Fit cozy to bottle. With right side out, pin the napkin into a tube shape around the desired bottle, overlapping the edges to fit. Remove bottle.

2. Secure fabric with buttons. Beginning 5 inches down from the top of the tube, secure the edges by sewing 4 buttons, evenly spaced, through both napkin layers.

3. Sew bottom. Turn tube inside out and flatten, keeping overlapped edges centered on the side facing up. To fit bottom of napkin to bottle, fold a 1-inch pleat on each side of tube at bottom edge. Machine-sew across bottom of tube, catching pleats in seam. Turn cozy right side out.

4. Slide the cozy onto the bottle. Tie the ribbon around cozy at neck of bottle.

More Ideas:

  • To make cozies for future use, use a standard-size bottle of wine to measure.
  • Use napkins and ribbon in different colors to match any holiday party theme.


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