One night. One word to describe it. Unforgettable.

By Katie Boyce

We are happy to say goodbye to 2016 and usher in a brand new, cheerful 2017! To end the year, we think we could all use a bit of joy and whimsy in our lives — especially as we celebrate a new year and all of its possibilities. That's why we've rounded up eight fabulous confetti DIYs for the ultimate sparkly party. And if your bank account is feeling the strain of holiday shopping, no worries! These can be made for just a few bucks, yet they add some serious swagger to your New Year's bash. From invitations to party favors and all the details in between, we've got everything you need to host the year-end party everyone will want to attend. So pour yourself a glass of bubbly from a confetti-filled ice bucket obviously, and toast to a new year filled with good fortune, happiness, and hope. Cheers!

1. Festive Confetti-Filled Invitations

You Are My Fave

Set the proper tone for your event with these confetti-filled invitations. These are so unique and majorly impressive, yet can be made for less than traditional paper invites. Follow the tutorial at You Are My Fave to print these at home! Then, fill them with your confetti of choice. Try multicolored confetti for a young and fresh feel, or go with metallic, shimmery confetti for a glam and sophisticated evening. You can even seal with a coordinating sticker or washi tape. This is the perfect way to invite all of your friends to the party of the year!

Check out the tutorial at You Are My Fave

2. Confetti-Dipped Champagne Bottles

This Heart of Mine

What makes bubbly even better? Sparkles! These confetti-dipped champagne bottles are so much fun! They're an unexpected twist that will make even low-budget bubbly feel uber classy. All you need is some glue, a foam brush, confetti, some champers, and you can whip these up in no time. This is the perfect surprise detail guaranteed to make your guests smile.

Check out the tutorial at This Heart of Mine

3. Sparkle DIY Ice Bucket

A Bubbly Life

These confetti-filled ice buckets are another great option for keeping your bar ultra festive. A less messy alternative, these have all the whimsy and glamor of other confetti projects, but without the extra vacuuming. Simply round up two buckets of similar shape but different size, fill the space in between with water and your confetti of choice, then set outside and let nature do the work. Be sure to fill and freeze in layers so you'll have confetti sprinkled throughout. When you're ready to use, set it on the bar with a coordinating plate or shallow bowl underneath to catch any water and keep that champagne ice cold all night long. Pop!

Check out the tutorial at A Bubbly Life

4. Super Sparkly Confetti Balloons

Twigs and Twirls

Bring your confetti theme to new heights with these confetti-filled balloons. Balloons always give a relaxed, whimsical party vibe, and these are no exception. Plus, this is another super affordable DIY assuring you lots of bang for your buck. Using a funnel, put a bit of your confetti inside clear balloons, then inflate with helium. Use static or follow the tutorial at Twigs and Twirls to ensure that the confetti sticks to the surface rather than pooling at the bottom. At midnight, give them a pop and let the confetti rain down as you usher in the new year.


5. DIY Confetti Poppers

Erin Spain

Whether you're hosting a party with kids or just kids at heart, these confetti poppers will be a huge hit. They feel fancy but are super budget-friendly, made with tissue paper, ribbon, and toilet paper rolls. You only need small pieces, so save discarded wrapping from Christmas morning to reuse! Follow the simple step by step at Erin Spain to make these cute little poppers. Have your guests tear them open when the clock strikes midnight, showering the room in a burst of sparkles.

6. Jumbo Confetti Garland

Cake Events Blog

How sweet is this confetti garland? All you need is a large paper punch to make your own jumbo confetti, then string it up using a needle and thread. You can hang the garland over doorways, drape it on the banister, or string strands of it from the ceiling. You could even wrap it around your Christmas tree to make it a part of your New Year's decor. This garland is a quick and easy project that you can save and bust out again and again for birthdays, garden parties, or a random Wednesday night when you just need a cheerful pick-me-up!

Check out the tutorial at Cake Events Blog

7. Sequin Photo Backdrop

Oh Happy Day

If you throw an epic holiday bash, but there's no proof on Instagram, did it really even happen? The jury's out on that one, but be on the safe side with this sparkly sequin photo backdrop. While it's not technically confetti, it's totally on theme. Plus, it can be customized to fit your color scheme and party vibe. Check out the step by step photo tutorial at Oh Happy Day and give your guests a photo-worthy backdrop for their first pictures of the year!


8. Confetti Stick Party Favors

Best Friends for Frosting

Keep the party going even after guests leave with these awesome confetti-stick party favors. Staple one end of a large straw (1-half-inch or larger) and fill with your confetti, then staple the other end closed. To hide the staples, brush both ends with glue and dip in glitter. Once they've dried, stand the straws up in a clear vase, or lay them in a pretty bowl by the door for guests to grab on their way out. They'll have a fun reminder of a great night, and a little emergency stash of instant happiness on hand should they need it in 2017.

Check out the tutorial at Best Friends for Frosting