We'll show you the quick and easy way to make these for any occasion.

By Elizabeth Traynor
The Craft Train

We're pretty sure one of the best parts of New Year's Eve is the ability to get loud and cheery at midnight. At least, that was one of our favorite parts as a kid, and it sure hasn't changed as we've grown up! Since we usually spend the day before the ball drops getting ready for midnight, we thought that this year it might be fun to get a little crafty ahead of the celebrations. Check out some of the DIY noisemakers we've rounded up for you to truly RING in the New Year in style:

1. Gold Ribbon Dancers

The Craft Train

Our first DIY is as beautiful as it is noisy, and we're definitely putting these gold ribbon dancers from The Craft Train on our to-do list! You can switch up the colors of the ribbons that trail behind your noisemaker, but we love the elegant, holiday appeal of the various shades of gold. And with some bells ringing into the night, these are sure to help you ring in 2017 beautifully!

2. Paper Plate Tambourines


This is a classic childhood craft! We made a ton of paper plate tambourines as kids, and we're excited to bring them back for our New Year's Eve celebration. We also think they would make a great holiday craft for the little ones in your life! Education.com has put together an easy-to-follow tutorial for the quintessential noisemaker. Just flip around the colors and customize to your liking.

3. Fiesta Noisemakers

Glued To My Crafts

Bright, colorful and loud, these fiesta noisemakers have it all! We love the use of washi tape to create these, a genius idea from Glued to My Crafts. There are so many different colors and patterns of washi tape out there that you could make a different noisemaker for every day of the week (although you may not always want that!). And grabbing some Easter eggs for your shaker is an easy way to use supplies you may already have on hand as well as make it easy to reuse these during another season.

4. DIY Trumpets

A Kiss Of Colour

All that glitters is a great theme for New Year's Eve, and these DIY trumpets from A Kiss of Colour definitely fit the bill. In addition to being a chic party accessory to leave lying on a side table, they're also probably the easiest DIY we've rounded up in this list. That makes it perfect for the time-starved party host, right?

5. Festive Shakers

Crafty Kids

Last but not least are some fun, easy-to-make noise shakers that are also perfect for little hands. You can make this DIY from Crafty Kids with items you likely already have in your house: Colorful tape, empty cardboard tubes, rice, and some tinfoil. The round shape of the tube is easy for tiny hands to grasp and shake all night long to their heart's content!