These are the memories your kids will have their whole lives.

By Hannah Bruneman

Kids tend to get overlooked on New Year's Eve. They aren't quite old enough to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, and they definitely can't participate in the midnight toast. But we think everyone is deserving of a memorable night to ring in the new year, and for many families, that means staying at home with the kids! Here are several ideas that you can do with your kids this New Year's Eve to make sure you're the liveliest party in the neighborhood:

1. Family Game Night

Let your competitive side come out with the ultimate family game night! Team up or go head-to-head with the kids for a night filled with fun and a bit of enthused shouting. Put some high stakes behind it, too. Winner of the most games gets the biggest party popper at midnight!

2. Mocktail Bar

Sparkling grape juice is great, but really let your kids' imaginations fly when they get to play mixologist for the night. Set up a juice and soda station so everyone can make their own creative concoctions. Garnish the drinks with candied fruit!

3. Household Costumes

While you're waiting for the ball to drop, have a little fun with style. Each time the countdown gets an hour closer to midnight, everyone gets dressed in a new outrageous costume! The catch? You can only use household objects to make your silly outfits.

4. Movie Night

This one is great to wind down the night's festivities. As midnight draws closer, pop in a movie the whole family will enjoy. Turn down the lights, grab some popcorn, and cuddle up while the kids' sugar rush slowly starts to fade away.

5. Ice Cream Bar

The best thing about kids is that they don't need a fancy New Year's Eve dinner complete with crab legs and a butter dipping sauce. Set up an ice cream bar and watch them be the happiest they've been all year. So simple!

6. Get Crafty

December may be over, but winter is only just beginning. Get the kids ready for the new year weather by making a DIY glove-decorating station. Pom poms, felt, and sequins all make very stylish winter garb.

7. Balloon Drop

Make your living room your very own night club with a DIY balloon drop. Tape a thin plastic sheet to the ceiling and fill it with lots of festive balloons. Attach a string to the plastic and tug hard when midnight hits. All the balloons will come showering down!



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