Give Mom an Instagram-Inspired Brunch Board this Mother's Day

Breakfast-themed boards are an epic way to host a family Mother's Day brunch.

When we discovered perfectly styled holiday food boards, we immediately fell in love with the simple and elegant arrangements. Then we discovered Valentine's Day snack boards. To top that, Instagram has brought us something better than anything we've seen yet: Brunch boards that are perfect for a Mother's Day celebration at home.

Like a classic charcuterie board, brunch boards are made by piling various snackable foods onto an oversized platter. However, instead of arranging expensive cheeses, crackers, and jams, these boards combine your favorite parts of brunch onto one plate. Brunch boards usually start with a tasty staple like pancakes or waffles, plus colorful touches of fruit, syrup, pastries, and bacon. The result? A photo-ready brunch spread that's (almost) too pretty to eat.

With more than 20,000 posts on Instagram under #brunchboard, there are plenty of images to inspire you. We've rounded up some of our favorites with tips on achieving the perfect board for a small Mother's Day family gathering.

Go Bananas

It seems everyone's started making banana bread, and Christina from A Spoonful of Vanilla put her mini loaves to good use by building an epic Mother's Day brunch board. She filled out her board with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and even a taste of chocolate. It's a perfect grazing platter for a sweet Mother's Day celebration at home.

Pancake Platter

Nothing says brunch like pancakes and bacon. Create your own pancake brunch board by arranging buttermilk pancakes in the middle of a wooden platter. Add toppings like syrup, peanut butter, mini chocolate chips, and hazelnut spread, and put them in glass bowls on either side of the pancakes, then scatter fresh fruit in the remaining spaces. Top it all off with slices of sizzling bacon.

Eat the Rainbow

This colorful build-your-own avocado toast brunch board was practically made for the spotlight. Make arranging your board a little easier by placing the largest items on first—in this case, bowls of pomegranate seeds, feta cheese, and mashed avocado. Then add toast slices, deviled eggs, and any other ingredients you want to display. Fill in the gaps with sliced lemon, watermelon radishes, and red onion. Don't forget to take a picture before your family digs in!

All You Can Eat

For your hungry family, pile your platter high with stacks of fluffy waffles (we're partial to buttermilk-banana waffles), sausage, homemade scones, and deviled eggs. Start with a glass bowl of fruit placed in the center of your board, like Sandy from the Reluctant Entertainer did, then arrange your favorite breakfast foods around the outside. To make your board look as good as it tastes, neatly arrange the waffles, eggs, and sausage on opposite sides of the board.

Classic Blueberry

This board is almost too pretty to eat. Make honey-lemon pancakes in varying sizes, then arrange them on a circular platter. Add small bowls of fresh blueberries and a dish of blueberry syrup, and sprinkle the board in powdered sugar. For a finishing touch, place some fresh herbs around the edges and snap a picture for Instagram before the food's all gone.

You're Too Sweet

A white ceramic serving dish makes this brunch board pop. Bake jam-filled hand pies, muffins, and other sweet breakfast treats. Create a centerpiece of colorful fruit and garnish with rosemary sprigs to recreate this elegant display.

Sandwich Station

This savory breakfast platter has all the ingredients for a perfect bagel brunch. Pile your board high with a variety of bagels, add a rainbow of sliced fruits and veggies, and include several types of cream cheese schmear (like a savory pesto and cream-cheese spread). Your family will love being able to mix and match their favorite ingredients for a personalized breakfast sandwich.

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