How to Host a Mother's Day Tea Party to Honor the Ladies You Love

loose tea on cheesecloth
Photo: Andy Lyons

This year, treat mom to a Mother's Day tea party she's sure to love. We've got tea party ideas that are a touch fancy and all fun. From delicious Mother's Day tea party recipes to handmade decor, this party is the perfect way to entertain in the afternoon.

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A Smart Seating Arrangement

table with sitting pillows
Kat Teutsch

Treat your mom to a Mother's Day tea party complete with delicious food, tea, and DIY decor. Keep your gathering cozy and intimate by gathering around the coffee table with oversize pillows and fresh flowers.

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Tea Party Invitations

Mother's Day tea party invitation

Invite guests to your Mother's Day tea party by sending out a gorgeous invitation. Our free printable Mother's Day tea party invitation makes it so easy to add your own party details. Just print, trim and fill in the lines so mom will know exactly what to expect on her big day!

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Pretty Floral Place Setting

place setting with floral tablecloth
Con Poulos

Since this party's all about mom, keep the place settings simple and easy. Feminine touches like fresh flowers, pale pink napkins, and floral linens add a soft touch to your tea party decor.

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Tea Party Decorations: Vintage Cups

tea cups party
Annie Schlechter

Have Mom sip her tea from a sweet vintage cup and saucer. We found an assortment of glasses from a local thrift store. Need an easy party favor idea? Let each guest take their cup home with them.

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Tea Party Decorations: Paper Fans

person holding paper decoration
Adam Albright

You don't have to make every tea party decoration. These purchased paper fans add a festive pop of color to your Mother's Day party with minimal assembly. Look for them at your local party supply store.

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Fresh Flower Centerpiece

pink flower arrangement
Victoria Pearson

Keep your tea party centerpiece simple. Fill a low vase with a variety of mom's favorite flowers. Stick to one color family for a cohesive look. Add sprigs of loose greenery for a flowing, natural finish.

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DIY Table Runner

green crepe paper table runner with flowers
Jay Wilde

Decorate your tea party with this crepe paper table runner that's perfect for spring. We love the look of bold pink blooms, but customize your flowers with mom's favorite color.

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Tea Party Game: Guess the Tea!

loose tea on cheesecloth
Andy Lyons

This tea party game is all about tea leaves! To play, place different loose tea blends on plain white saucers. Have guests guess which blend is which. The winner gets a box of their favorite tea.

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DIY Bath Tea

dried flower petals jar
Marty Baldwin

Don't limit your tea party activities to tea you can drink! Bath tea is a relaxing way to unwind, and you can easily make a homemade version to hand out as party favors: Just add tea, dried flowers, and epsom salts to a small drawstring bag that can be dropped in a warm bath. Make the bags ahead of time, or gather all the materials and turn this into a fun party activity!

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Tea Party Activity: DIY Tea

herbal tea supplies
Andy Lyons

Take your tea party to the next level! Making homemade herbal tea bags is a mother-daughter tea party activity she'll never forget! We'll show you how to grow herbs for tea and assemble a tea bag from purchased spices.

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Classic Tea Add-Ins

tea add-ins in glass containers
Blaine Moats

How do you take your tea? Let mom mix up her perfect cup with a trio of classic tea toppings. Small dishes of fresh lemon, raw sugar, and honey are the perfect finishing touches to a hot cup of tea.

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Printable Mother's Day Tea Party Menu

tea party menu card

Let guests know what treats to expect with a printable mother's Day tea party menu card. Our free floral menu will fit right in with your existing table decor—just print, trim, and write. The hardest part will be narrowing down the food choices!

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Tea Party Food: Tea Sandwiches

Viola Tea Sandwiches
Adam Albright

It wouldn't be tea time without dainty sandwiches. We've updated the classic tea party food with a sprinkle of bright edible flowers. Serve these herb and cucumber sandwiches with extra spread for dipping.

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Tea Party Food: Yogurt Parfaits

Petal-Filled Parfaits
Jason Donnelly

These make ahead yogurt parfaits only look like fussy tea party food. They're actually super easy to assemble. Simply layer yogurt, purchased granola, and fruit in a jar. Just before serving, top each with a sprinkle of edible flowers.

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Tea Party Dessert: Earl Gray Cupcakes

Lavender-Honey Cupcakes

Finish your mother-daughter tea party with a little something sweet! These tea-infused cupcakes are filled with the comforting flavors of earl grey. Finish each with a drizzle of honey.

To make, steep 4-5 earl grey tea bags in the warm milk for the cupcake batter. Let sit for 12 minutes until very strong and caramel colored. Continue with the recipe as written.

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Tea Party Dessert: Scones

Cranberry-White Chocolate Scones
Jason Donnelly

Tea and scones are a classic pairing, and they deserve a spot on your tea party menu. Dress up sweet scone dough with dried cranberries and a drizzle of white chocolate.

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Tea Party Food: Heirloom Tomato Salad

Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Salad
Dana Gallagher

A sprinkle of fresh herbs takes juicy heirloom tomatoes and burrata cheese to the next level. Finish this savory tea party dish with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt.

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Southern Sweet Tea

Southern Sweet Tea
Carson Downing

If hot tea isn't Mom's favorite, mix up a ice cold pitcher of our sweet tea instead. With plenty of lemon, mint, and sugar, this is a tea party drink Mom's sure to love.

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Tea Party Food: Croissant Sandwiches

Deviled Egg Croissant-wiches
Andy Lyons

Not all tea party food ideas are sweet! Serve these egg salad sandwiches on buttery croissants for an extra-special Mother's Day lunch.

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Pink Peppercorn and Rose Tea Cakes

pink peppercorn rose tea cakes
Victoria Pearson

A Mother's Day breakfast calls for something extra special. A sprinkle of colorful rose petal and pink peppercorn "confetti" takes these tea cakes totally over the top!

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Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha Green Tea Latte
Matthew Clark

Tea party fare doesn't have to be traditional! Whip up a batch of these sweet iced lattes. Made with honey, matcha, and almond milk, they're a new take on Mom's favorite drink.

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