Show Your Appreciation with These Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Celebrate the most important woman in your life with these Mother's Day brunch ideas. We have a full menu, including pancakes, breakfast pizzas, and parfaits. Show how much you care by serving Mom breakfast in bed with one of our many Mother's Day breakfast ideas.

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    For the Mom with a Sweet Tooth

    A banana and whipped cream cheese combo is sandwiched between thick-cut French bread in this incredible French toast. Mom will say "Merci!" for this delicious Mother's Day breakfast recipe.

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    For the Global Mom

    Does your mom have a fully stamped passport? Transport her with our breakfast tacos—complete with protein-filled eggs and beans—for a satisfying start to Mother's Day.

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    For the Cereal-Lover

    Think outside the (cereal) box with DIY oat squares served with milk in a bowl. Voila! It's Mother's Day breakfast in bed with a homemade touch. Bonus: These breakfast treats can be made up to a week ahead.

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    Slow Cooker Caramel-Banana-Pecan Bread Casserole

    Get Mother's Day brunch going with our Slow Cooker Caramel-Banana-Pecan Bread Casserole. It's as easy as tossing ingredients into your slow cooker. 

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    For the Bacon-Lover

    This totally shareable breakfast dish features bacon baked with biscuits and gooey cheddar cheese. You'll earn major Mom points on Mother's Day when you wake her up to the smell of bacon and bread.

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    For the Foodie

    If your mom enjoys sampling the latest food trends, she'll love trying intriguing ingredients in her breakfast, such as delightfully floral lavender. A hint of honey sweetens our buttery scones that feature the light herb for this unique Mother's Day brunch idea.

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    For the Traditional Mom

    If your mom loves to revisit her recipe box, whip out one of the classics for this year's Mother's Day brunch. Omelets are a breakfast favorite that can be made special for Mom with easy variations: Sub egg whites for whole eggs for a lower-cholesterol breakfast, or add green pepper, onion, and ham to make a Denver omelet.


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    For the Spicy-Food Fanatic

    Turn up the heat for your Mother's Day breakfast. Poblano and jalapeno peppers pack a punch in this meat-and-potatoes pleaser. The pork-and-pepper hash—perfect for the mom who likes her food hot—features sunny-side up eggs on a bed of Yukon gold potatoes with a blend of spices.



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    For the Busy Mom

    Help Mom master morning mealtime by whipping up a batch of our overnight oats. A healthy mix of rolled oats, milk, and mix-ins means this so-easy recipe is the perfect Mother's Day breakfast on the go.

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    For the Savory-Loving Mom

    Baguettes and breakfast: Mom's new favorite pairing. This Mother's Day, serve up a scrumptious brunch that's as creative as it is mouthwatering. Italian sausage, sweet peppers, and more are baked alongside egg and cheese in this brunch recipe.

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    For the Gluten-Free Momma

    Mom gone gluten-free? No fear! Versatile quinoa can be used in savory and sweet dishes alike. Here, we mix in apple juice, peanut butter, and banana slices for a healthy Mother's Day breakfast.

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    For the Fruit Fanatic

    Satisfy Mom's craving for sweet, juicy fruit by adding fresh raspberries and bananas to your favorite pancake recipe. Whole wheat flour and low-fat milk keep the pancakes health-conscious (each serving is around 300 calories), while chocolate chips add an extra bit of sweetness.

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    For the Mom on the Go

    Save plenty of time for Mom's favorite activities this Mother's Day with our easy breakfast cookies. The scrumptious cookies are not only delicious, healthy, and filling, but also the perfect to-go breakfast.

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    For the Healthy Mom

    Refreshing orange juice, sliced berries, and low-fat granola bring lots of flavor to this low-cal start to Mom's Day. 

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    For the Hostess

    Thank Mom for all she's done with a fancy brunch dish she'd be happy to serve herself. Stacked on top of thick Canadian bacon and drizzled with heavenly hollandaise sauce, eggs Benedict is the perfect food to pamper Mom on Mother's Day. The pretty open-face breakfast sandwiches are a brunch classic and a breeze to prepare.

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    How to Make Eggs Benedict

    Eggs Benedict is a classic brunch recipe, typically made with an English muffin and a poached egg, and topped with hollandaise sauce. You can make restaurant-worthy eggs Benedict in your own kitchen with these tips.

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    For the Pizza Fan

    If your mom loves ordering a good pizza pie, try this fresh and juicy produce-packed breakfast version to start her day. The elegant pastry pies take just 25 minutes to prepare, so you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time with Mom.


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    For the Vegetarian

    No meat? No problem. Add a few special ingredients to Mom's morning oatmeal for a vegetarian dish she'll love. Dates and honey lend sweetness, while goat cheese makes the dish deliciously creamy. Choose from quick-cooking, regular rolled, or steel-cut oats.

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    For the Coffee-Lover

    Give Mom a double dose of her daily cup of joe with a loaf of banana bread made with ground coffee beans. The buzzy beverage is twice as nice in baked goods and perfect for Mother's Day brunch.

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    For the Southern Belle

    Biscuits and gravy are a Southern comfort food classic. Give Mom a taste of home with warm, flaky buttermilk biscuits that sandwich layer upon layer of bacon, fried egg, crispy chicken, and warm sausage gravy for a fun twist on traditional biscuits 'n' gravy.


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    For the Baker

    Give Mom a break from the kitchen and bake up a batch of these showstopping muffins. Packed with cocoa and topped with banana slices and a drizzle of honey, the chocolate treat is a sweet show of appreciation.


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    For the Chef

    Prepare a breakfast that even the mother with the most advanced cooking skills will appreciate. Make this sweet fruit dish the night before, then top with maple syrup-laced Greek yogurt and orange peel to serve.

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    For the Mom Who Loves to Grill

    Make your mom the guest of honor at a Mother's Day grill-out. Hot off the coals, these fun spring donuts are sure to put a smile on her face.


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    For the Sweet Tooth

    Yes, you can treat mom to cookies for breakfast! These delicious breakfast treats pack shredded carrots, nuts, and dried fruit for a sweet and healthy Mother's Day cookie. 

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