We need each other, and now is a great time to let your favorite moms know how much you care.
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I rely on my mom friends for support, and this past year we've needed each other a lot. Usually, I turn to them when I need someone to drive my son home from soccer or to bring treats for a play date, but throughout the pandemic, I've been calling them to vent my fears and help me think of new ways to keep three kids busy while school is out.

Whether you're like me and have spent the last year navigating the ins and outs of homeschooling while also trying to work from home, or you've been balancing life as an essential worker while also protecting your family’s health, this year has introduced new levels of stress to our #momlife. But the thing is, we're in this together, and Mother’s Day is a great time to send some extra love to your mom friends, even while you're social distancing.

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Support New Moms

Many of us fondly remember welcoming visitors at the hospital to meet our babies, but those who have become new moms during the pandemic haven’t had that luxury. Those first few weeks at home are always so difficult and social distancing makes it even harder to help a friend.

Let new moms know they are not alone with a thoughtful first Mother’s Day gift or by organizing a “welcome home” virtual party. Decorate their yard, front door, or windows with signs of love and encouragement to the new family. Then connect with them on a video chat to see the baby, ask them how they doing, and ask what more you can do to help.

Even if they say they’re fine, consider dropping off groceries or bringing a home-cooked meal to their doorstep. Delivering diapers and wipes is another thoughtful gesture that will save them from having to place a last-minute online grocery store order.

We’re all feeling extra anxiety about the state of the world (even as we get closer to the end of the pandemic), and a sleep-deprived mom with fluctuating hormone levels is going to feel big feelings. Reach out regularly via texts, phone calls, and by running helpful errands to let them know they are not alone on their first Mother’s Day.

Lift Up Your Mom Friends

Whether you’ve been friends since college and meet regularly for lunch or your biggest gal pal social gatherings are during your son’s baseball tournaments, seeing your mom friends on a regular basis is therapeutic.

If you haven’t already hosted a Zoom happy hour or virtual book club session, it’s a powerful way to connect. Seeing their faces and voices and venting all your frustrations (just like you do on the sidelines), will make you feel closer, even if you haven't been able to see them in person this past year.

For a special Mother’s Day video call, send your mom tribe a DIY craft kit from a local retailer, such as AR Workshop (they even have complete virtual crafting party kits you can order), and work on your projects together during the call. It will make a fun keepsake for you to create while you reconnect.

You could also brighten their day with a small gift or a handwritten Mother's Day card. If you’re looking for a fun way to spoil a big group of mom friends, plan a Secret Santa-style Mother’s Day gift exchange or organize a simple book swap so you can all refresh your reading stash.

Show Working Moms Some Love

If your mom friends work in essential roles, thank them by treating them to a nice dinner with gift cards to a favorite restaurant that offers delivery, curbside pick-up, or outdoor dining. If you have extra time on your hands, make them a special snack (these are our favorite homemade food gifts), mow their lawn for them while they’re at work, or leave them flowers for their front porch. Sending a card to let them know they are appreciated can go a long way to boost their spirit.

For moms who are now working from home and juggling kids at home too, the biggest thing you can do is to remind them that they are doing a good job. More than ever they feel pulled by children who need their attention and the demands of their job, and they’ve probably had a few crazy conference calls to boot. Send them some encouragement with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. Reassure them that there is no perfect way to weather this storm and share hilarious work-kid collisions happening in your own life. To really score some brownie points with your working mom friends, bring over toys, games, or books that will keep her kids busy for at least 5-10 minutes. (Reminder: Be sure to sanitize any items you share with others and wear a mask, even if you've been vaccinated.)

Be sure to reach out regularly to your single mom friends. They feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders, and don’t always have someone to talk to. Be that friend. Let them know they are not alone. Check-in regularly with video chats or text messages. Give her a break from cooking by dropping off a homemade meal or send her a gift card to her favorite local restaurant.

Don’t forget your friends who typically work from home but aren't yet able to take energetic kids to parks and zoos. If you have children that are similar ages, plan a FaceTime playdate that helps break up their day and gives her a chance to finish that mug of coffee she abandoned hours ago. Brighten her day with a bouquet of dried flowers ($90, Urban Stems) that will last for years and an encouraging card that reminds her she’s doing great—even when she’s exhausted. Gift her an adult coloring book or new crafting supplies so she can get creative right alongside the kids.

Encourage Empty Nest Moms

Moms don’t worry any less when their kids are out of the house. In fact, some mothers worry more because they can’t wrap their arms around their kids the way they did when they were small. And if they’re also grandmothers…forget about it! They’re counting the days until they can safely hug their out-of-town children and hold their grandkids again.

Send moms with grown children gifts that will give them a creative outlet. A novel to read, a book of Sudoku games, crafting supplies, crossword puzzle books, and puzzles—I like this Votes for Women Puzzle ($20, Uncommon Goods)—are all great options. Or, schedule flowers to be delivered to brighten her day and let her know you’re thinking of her. If she has grandkids, have them each draw or paint her a picture or have them write her a letter.

Stay connected with video chats, text messages, and lots of pictures to reassure her everyone is doing well. Spend an evening together by watching a movie on Netflix party. Or send everyone in the family a board game that they can play simultaneously during a virtual game night.

Regardless of what stage of motherhood your friend or loved one is in, she could use a little extra support right now. It doesn’t take a lot to let her know you’re thinking of her. A simple note with an uplifting message or a package of homemade chocolate chip cookies left on her doorstep is all it takes to let her know she’s not alone.


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