Prices start at under $5!

Skip the traditional Mother's Day bouquet and build Mom an outdoor arrangement that'll last all summer. With the Better Homes and Gardens outdoor line at Walmart, you can create your own DIY Mother's Day gift in just three easy steps—we'll show you how! 

The collection features dozens of gorgeous pots and planters, along with plenty of gorgeous live flowers to choose from, so you can create an arrangement with all of Mom's favorites. Or, use these Mother's Day flower meanings to create an extra meaningful gift. 

You can find everything you need at your local Walmart Garden Center, so even if you're shopping last-minute, Mom will never know. The collection is also very budget-friendly: You can grab a gorgeous pot or planter and fill it with colorful flowers for under $20. If you're able to spend a bit more, a matching set of planters filled with flowers costs less than most bouquet deliveries, and she'll be able to reuse the planters year after year. 

Here's how to create the perfect DIY Mother's Day gift in just three easy steps. 

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wood and ceramic plant stand
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Pick a Planter

$15, Walmart

Before you choose your flowers, decide what you're going to put them in. Keep it simple with a single pot or planter, or grab multiple sizes of a matching set. Choosing the planters first will help you determine what size flowers to get, and since she'll reuse this part of the gift for years to come, you can pick something that's totally her style. 

flowers in plant stands
Credit: Emily VanSchmus

Choose the Flowers

Once you've chosen your planters, it's time to fill them up! If you just want to do one container of flowers for Mom's gift, go with the Containers Made Easy arrangement (pictured in the middle here) which includes multiple kinds of flowers and greenery and will tell you what size of planter you need. If you're creating an assortment, we have plenty of single flowers you can use to accentuate the larger arrangement. The purple pollinator pictured on the right is under $5!

black watering can
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Add an Accessory

$13, Walmart

Potted flowers are a nice enough gift on their own, but if you're looking to add a little something extra to Mom's gift consider adding a gardening accessory. Pretty gardening gloves, new tools, or a trendy watering can are all thoughtful gifts to accompany Mom's new flowers. 


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