Mother's Day Traditions

Celebrate the women in your life with these Mother's Day traditions. Consider starting a new tradition this year!

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    Serve a Mother's Day Brunch

    Who doesn't like breakfast in bed? Serve up warm waffles, fruit, and juice to celebrate Mom's special day. Use cookie cutters to cut fruit -- such as watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew -- into fun springtime shapes.

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    Enjoy the Outdoors Together

    Find a special trail, visit a local park, or take a spin around the neighborhood; the whole family will enjoy the weather and each others company.

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    Host a Celebration

    Show Mom some appreciation for all she's done in the past year by hosting a Mother's Day get-together. Just remember those special touches that help create lasting memories.

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    Plant a Garden

    Planting a special perennial is a great way to be reminded of the occasion year after year. Whether you buy a plant, give a plant, or receive one, a family garden only gets better with time.

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    Enjoy Spa Time

    Mother's Day is a prime time to relax. Book a spa trip, plan an at-home facial, or give a gift basket with bath salts and other items ideal for relaxing. Use sticker label paper and spice jars to add personal flair. Print block letters on label paper, trim, and cut.

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    Take a Shopping Trip

    Relax and go shopping. Leave the to-do list and household tasks for another day -- or someone else. A Mother's Day coupon book can assure that the deeds will get done!

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    Give a Card

    It's nice to know you're appreciated. Craft a handmade card and fill the inside with thoughtful sentiments.

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    Enjoy Some "You" Time

    Read a book. Work on crafts. Catch up on sleep. It's Mother's Day, so have someone else watch the kids, do the laundry, or cook your favorite meal for dinner.

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    Indulge in Some Chocolate

    Whether it's in a cake or in a box, chocolate is more than welcome on Mother's Day. This chocolate-cherry stack cake -- with chocolate-dipped cherries as garnish -- is sure to be a favorite.

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    Take a Family Trip

    Grab the family and go. It doesn't matter if you take a day, a weekend, or a week -- it's the company and quality time that makes it special. Do your research to find a nearby festival, farmer's market, or just somewhere fun to visit.

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    Give Flowers

    Give a bouquet as pretty as Mom this Mother's Day. Simple touches, such as adding letter stickers to glass stones to spell out "Mother," make flowers even more meaningful.

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    Have a Picnic

    Whether it's meal time or dessert time, take food outside to enjoy with friends and family.

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    Send an E-Card

    Let the women in your life know how much you care with a fun and floral Mother's Day card. Some chocolates in the mail also couldn't hurt.

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    Take Some Family Time

    It can be hard to find time to enjoy family. Sit down and read a book aloud, give your mother a call, or enjoy a relaxing day in. Take turns deciding what the family should do next.

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    Cherish Memories

    Sit down and flip through the pages of family scrapbooks with your loved ones, or work on a scrapbook of your own to enjoy for years to come -- or to give as a Mother's Day gift.

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    Cook Together in the Kitchen

    Gather family and friends to cook up some sweet desserts. When it comes to chocolate and company -- the more the merrier!

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    More Mother's Day Ideas

    Now that you have some ideas on what to do this Mother's Day, here are some great tips on what to give.

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