A perfect Mother's Day breakfast in bed is more than just the recipes. The little touches, like cards or flowers, make all the difference. Moms, download our free Mother's Day Checklist so everyone knows just how to pamper you on your special day!

Updated March 05, 2018

A great Mother's Day starts with a great breakfast in bed. We have everything you need to properly pamper Mom, including recipes to make and other breakfast tray must-haves. She will surely drop hints about what time is too early for breakfast, so make sure to pick up those hints. The longer Mom wants to sleep in, the longer you have to prepare her breakfast.

Tips for Serving Mom a Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

Plan the perfect breakfast in bed for mom on Mother's Day with our easy, helpful tips.

  • If you want breakfast to be a surprise, think ahead. Use recipes for make-ahead dishes and prep them Saturday night while she's out and about or watching a movie. Sunday morning, you'll just have to add the finishing touches.
  • The little extras show Mom she is loved. Include a vase of her favorite springtime flowers and a heartwarming handmade card. They'll be sure to make Mom smile.
  • Get the kids involved with breakfast prep. They can stir batter or be in charge of pouring the juice. That will make her Mother's Day breakfast even more special.
  • Ask Mom ahead of time what her favorite breakfast recipes are. You can't go wrong by making exactly what she wants. If she gets wise to your surprise, let her in on the secret. She would surely suspect something if she heard a clatter in the kitchen on Sunday morning.
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Make-Ahead French Toast Casserole

Thinking ahead is the name of the game. This French toast casserole can be made ahead and held in the fridge. If you can beat Mom home from work, or wait until she goes to bed Saturday night, the casserole can be a Mother's Day surprise. Blueberries are little bursts of color and flavor sprinkled throughout.

Get the recipe.

Make a One-Bowl Wonder

All she needs is a spoon! Serve Mom a dish that only takes one bowl to eat, like an acai bowl or shakshuka. In addition to the exotic, we've upgraded classics like oatmeal. A bold bowl color will really pop in her Mother's Day Facebook post.

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Plan a Finger-Food Breakfast

Make Mom's breakfast in bed as enjoyable as possible, with easy, no-mess breakfast foods! Save her the trouble of trying to balance a plate, silverware, and kids on the bed by serving a simple breakfast of cranberry-chocolate scones and coffee or tea. Easy to eat, and easy to make! They also work great for Mother's Day brunch.

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Make Instagram-Worthy Avocado Toast

There's no need to fight the Mother's Day brunch crowds at the trendiest hot spots; you can make green and gorgeous avocado toast at home. Avocado toast can be as simple or extravagant as Mom wants. Bread and avocado are the perfect base for feta, hot sauce, salmon, and more. Be sure that your Mother's Day serving tray has napkins!

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Make a Decorative Tray

A galvanized metal tray with clean and simple stripes is perfect for serving Mom in bed. Make sure your tray is big enough for breakfast, coffee, and a Mother's Day card. This DIY tray makes a perfect Mother's Day gift. 

How to paint a metal tray.

Include a Card or Gift with Breakfast

A handmade Mother's Day card gets Mom ready for a day of warm fuzzies. Let her know how much you love and appreciate her with a DIY card so pretty that she can display it until next year.

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A Vase of Flowers

An upcycled bottle can find its place on a Mother's Day breakfast tray. Choose a small bottle so there's plenty of room on the tray. Simply add a few flowers, like these sweet peas and cosmos. Bright pink blooms add a natural pop of color.

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Mom: Do you want someone to plan the perfect Mother's Day for you? Print our free Mother's Day checklist to let everyone in the family know how to pamper you on your special day. We've included two easy recipes and a few sweet ideas to make Mother's Day great; fill out the checklist and leave it on the kitchen counter for someone to find.

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