DIY Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts

Celebrate Mom with these DIY Mother's Day jewelry gifts. She'll love wearing handmade jewelry, and you'll love creating a handmade Mother's Day gift. We've got stunning jewelry ideas for rings, bracelets, earrings, and more!

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    Zodiac Constellation Necklace

    Instead of a basic birthstone necklace, gift Mom with a stunning necklace that showcases her birth constellation. Not a fan of gold? Try crafting in rose gold or silver. 

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    Pearl Cluster Necklace

    These aren't your mother's pearls! This Mother's Day gift is a fun take on her classic string of pearls. Customize the necklace with patterned or colored ribbon. 

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    Multilayer Statement Necklace

    A little bling is a good thing. This multilayer necklace pops, thanks to strands of shimmery rhinestones. 

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    Embellished Brass Cuff Bracelet

    Mother's Day jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. This gorgeous (and easy!) cuff bracelet calls for just three crafts store finds. 

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    Labradorite Necklace

    Labradorite is a stunning gemstone that changes color from green to brown to blue. We love the look of layering this necklace with other simple gold strands.

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    Chain Cascade Earrings

    You're looking at one of our favorite Mother's Day jewelry gifts! Perfect for a night out, these cascade earrings look extra glam. 

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    Statement Spike Earrings

    No one will believe these insanely beautiful earrings are DIY. Mom will love adding a little edge to her wardrobe. 

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    Woven Cord Necklace

    This DIY Mother's Day gift starts with colorful woven cord and bright stones, and it adds a major pop of color!  

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    Raw Stone Rings

    Jump on the raw stone and agate trend with these gorgeous DIY rings. Make it a personalized Mother's Day gift by using her favorite gem or stone. 

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    Gold Hand Chain

    Help Mom mix up her jewelry routine with a multilayer gold hand ring. It all starts with a simple gold chain. 

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    Magnesite Spike Hoop Earrings

    Here's proof that handmade Mother's Day gifts don't have to be boring. Spikes of bold magnesite transform basic hoops into statement earrings. 

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    Double-Pearl Ring

    This dainty double-pearl ring is the perfect cheap Mother's Day gift. It looks expensive but requires only a handful of crafting tools. 

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    Tassel Earrings

    Colorful thread is the base of these handmade earrings. Add a touch of polish with a single pearl and simple gold accents. 

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    Crystal Ear Cuff

    Bold is best. This stunning DIY ear cuff is truly a statement piece and the perfect Mother's day gift. 

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    Crystal Necklace

    A trio of crystals stars in this simple handmade necklace. This easy Mother's Day gift can be personalized with any metal and crystal you like! 

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