13 Stylish Gifts for Mom

If anyone one knows the true meaning of "treat yourself," it's Mom. Spoil her with the most stylish of Mother's Day gifts.

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    Hybrid Hard Shell Phone Case

    Stop and smell the roses. This two-piece phone cover from Kate Spade has a special rubberized lining on the inside for protection—just in case!

    Best Buy, $44.99.

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    Michael Kors Wonderlust

    No one does perfume quite like MK. With a sweet and romantic scent like this, you can bet she'll be puttin' on the spritz.

    Sephora, $88.

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    Geometric Tie Belt

    Keep Mom extra hip with a chic tie belt, perfect for spiffing up a plain-Jane dress or high-waisted pants.

    Gap, $24.95.

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    Plantlife Basic Sampler Set

    Essential oils are all the rage these days. Gift Mom a complete set filled with lavender, tea tree, peppermint, and all the goods.

    TJ Maxx, $34.99.

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    Gold Round Sunglasses

    Moms can throw shade, too. These '70s-style sunnies will have her reliving her glory days in no time. Cue the Stevie Nicks!

    Target, $16.99.

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    Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Primer

    Now playing on Mom's summer spraylist: hair primer. The everyday product is perfect for detangling, protecting, and setting.

    Sephora, $28.

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    Longchamp Tote

    This durable tote is perfect for the traveling mama—it moves from the airport to the farmers market with ease.

    Nordstrom, $145.

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    Wireless Beats by Dr. Dre

    No canning jars needed for this jam sesh. These rose gold Beats are sure to get Mom up and dancing.

    Best Buy, $299.99.

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    Tan Floppy Hat

    This oversize straw hat is begging for a day at the beach. Pair it with her favorite read, and you're golden!

    Target, $14.99.

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    Leather Ankle-Strap Flats

    Come on and get strappy! These leather flats are more than just comfy—they go with practically everything in Mom's closet.

    Gap, $49.95.

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    Lightning-to-USB Charging Cable

    Hook mom up with a portable charger. This fringy find clips easily to keys or a purse, and is perfect for long drives.

    Best Buy, $29.99.

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    Kate Spade Lemon Tree Earrings

    When life gives you lemons, turn them into earrings! These pretty pops of color are the ultimate summer statement.

    Nordstrom, $58.

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    Supersonic Hair Dryer

    Pamper Mom with the hottest hair dryer on the shelf: the Dyson. It detects each hair type and protects it from reaching extreme heat. Not to mention, it dries at way faster speeds.

    Sephora, $399.

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