21 Unique Activities for Celebrating Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day is all about celebrating the most important woman in your life. Make sure she feels the love with one of these Mother's Day activity ideas! Plan a Mother's Day celebration at home or treat mom to a mother-daughter day trip she'll remember forever.

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Throw a Backyard Garden Party

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Mother's Day weekend is the perfect time to hold an outdoor gathering. If the weather cooperates, gather a few close family members for a multi-generational afternoon garden party. Nothing can beat quality time spent outdoors among freshly bloomed flowers.

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DIY Spa Day

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Treat mom to an at-home spa day complete with all her favorite things. Give each other a mani/pedi or make DIY bath bombs—anything that involves rest, relaxation, and time together is fair game! You'll save money by skipping the salon, and you'll be able to fit in more quality time together by spending the day at home.

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At-Home Movie Night

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Take mom on a trip down memory lane with a classic movie your mom loves. Whether you choose a flick from her childhood or one you grew up watching together, she'll love the dose of nostalgia. Pop a big bowl of stovetop kettle corn (here's how to make it!) and snuggle on the couch for a low-key Mother's Day activity that can be spent in pajamas.

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Breakfast in Bed

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Breakfast in bed is a classic way to celebrate Mother's Day. Wake up before mom to prepare a breakfast tray that will make her feel extra special. Serve her favorite breakfast alongside a personalized card and a vase of fresh spring flowers. Score bonus points by including an itinerary of further Mother's Day celebrations she can expect throughout the day.

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Flower Arranging

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Instead of gifting mom another Mother's Day bouquet, take her to a flower arranging class and help her build the bouquet herself! Look for online courses offered through local flower farms or floral shops and spend the day learning how to put together the perfect arrangement. Mom will cherish the flowers she takes home and never forget this Mother's Day craft idea.

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Have a Virtual Cooking Day

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Plan a mother-daughter date night in the kitchen! If distance keeps you apart this year, you can still cook up a Mother's Day brunch from your respective kitchens. Plan the menu and stock up on groceries a few days before, then spend the day cooking together or virtually while on a video call.

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DIY Pedicures

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Spend the day pampering mom—and treat her to an at-home mani-pedi with an at-home manicure set ($24, Sephora)! A DIY manicure and at-home pedicure gives mom the full salon experience. Score bonus points by gifting her a few new shades of her favorite nail polish in preparation for the day.

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Mother's Day Brunch

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If eating breakfast in bed isn't your mom's style, host a Mother's Day brunch instead. Spring is the season for all things light, bright and fresh, so set the table accordingly—and don't forget her Mother's Day flowers!

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Cash in on Coupons

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If you're a mom with small children, there's a good chance you'll receive a hand-drawn booklet of coupons this Mother's Day. Instead of putting them in a drawer for later use, cash in on the coupons with your family! Spend the day watching a movie, baking together, and anything else the coupons specify. There's no better Mother's Day gift than quality time!

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Have a Virtual Game Night

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Gather mom-daughter duos, both near and far, for a virtual game night! Coordinate a time the week before so you can be ready to team up with your mom on all your favorite games.

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Bake with Mom

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It's Mom's special day; she deserves to have dessert first! Spend some quality time in the kitchen with her whipping up her favorite baked goods. Try one of our easy cake recipes or gift her a cookbook as part of her Mother's Day gift.

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Garden Together

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Mother's Day is all about enjoying time with your mom. If she loves nature, head outside and enjoy the spring weather as you tend to the family garden together.

Celebrate with this cute Mother's Day idea and gift mom a custom seed pack! Wrap store-bought seed packets ($4, Walmart) for your mom's favorite blooms in easy-stitch burlap bags, and seal the bags with a plant marker. If you want to spice up the bag, pin a vintage picture of the flower on top for an added touch.

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Go to the Park

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Take a stroll or have a picnic in the park to share the special day with a mom of any age. A day at the park is the perfect way to get Grandma involved, too. From the swings to the benches, this Mother's Day activity idea has something for everyone.

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Plan a Weekend Getaway

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Going on a road trip is number one on our list of things moms and daughters should do together at least once, and Mother's Day is a perfect excuse to take the trip you've been talking about for years. While a weekend getaway might not be a practical gift every year, booking a trip to one of these mother-daughter vacation spots is the best way to splurge on Mother's Day. Spend a long weekend at the beach, exploring wineries, or walking around a new town.

Coordinate the trip beforehand so mom can look forward to it for a few months, or surreptitiously clear her schedule and surprise her with day-of tickets. Be sure to follow our road trip safety checklist to make sure you have the safest trip possible.

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Host a Mother's Day Tea Party

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Be the hostess with the mostest and let Mom relax. This Mother's Day activity idea is all about tea! Invite her gal pals and throw the tea party of the year so Mom can spend the day with her feet—and her pinky—up.

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Mother-Daughter Dinner Date

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You don't have to go out to enjoy one of our favorite Mother's Day activity ideas. Fifteen minutes in the oven is all it takes to get this homemade Original Pizza Margherita ready for the table. This is a day for pampering your mom, so don't make her wait!

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Craft with Mom

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Looking for unique Mother's Day ideas? There are so many ways to show your mom that you love her. Mother's Day craft ideas come straight from the heart, and this is one she's sure to treasure.

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Take a Bike Ride

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This Mother's Day activity idea is all about the outdoors. Whether you find a special trail or you take a spin around the neighborhood, the whole family will enjoy the weather and each other's company. Plus, early summer is the best time to invest in bikes for the family if you don't already have them. We love the Schwinn Classic Kids Bike ($213, Amazon).

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Make Breakfast Together

Banana-Dark Chocolate Smoothie Bowls
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Breakfast bowls can go waaaaay beyond cereal. Treat Mom to a Mother's Day brunch idea that is as pretty as it is tasty. Plus, it'll look great in the Facebook post she shares with all her friends.

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Make Scented Candles

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This year, make Mother's Day aromatic by making these DIY scented candles together. Check out our easy step-by-step directions for this fun project with Mom. Make sure to grab your Mom's favorite essential oil to surprise her with her favorite scent.

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Go on a Shopping Spree

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Take Mom out for an afternoon of fun perusing her favorite shops. Buy something special and wear it to a celebratory dinner for Mother's Day. Whether you're on the hunt for clothes, shoes, or new home decor - splurge a little.

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