Paper Mother's Day Bouquet

Create a gorgeous paper flower bouquet for mom this Mother's Day using book pages and watercolor wash. Regular Mother's Day bouquets may only last a few days, but these paper flowers can be displayed for years to come.

Mother's Day flowers are a traditional gift, but why not give her a bouquet that she can display every year? DIY paper flowers are easy to make, and thinking beyond plain paper gives the gift a special touch. Ours are made from the pages of an old book for a vintage feel. We'll show you how to make paper craft flowers step-by-step with photos so you can follow along. The best part? These flowers don't need watering and will never wilt!

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What You Need

  • Book pages
  • Watercolor paint
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Florists wire

Step 1: Paint Pages and Cut Shapes

Choose an old book to repurpose for this project. If you can't bear to part with any of your own, pick up an inexpensive used book at a thrift store. Dilute watercolor paint with water to make a watercolor wash you can use to paint cast-off book pages. Use less water for more vibrant colors, or add more to tone them down. Let dry.

Once your pages have dried, cut out petal shapes from the paper. Crinkle them slightly to make them more pliable and lifelike, then straighten.

Step 2: Assemble Paper Petals

Our take on classic origami flowers is all about the petals. To make a petal, pinch the bottom of each cutout to create a curved shape. Curl the center piece into a tighter cone, then wrap other petals out around it. Glue petals on one by one. Once you have a full paper flower, let dry completely.

Step 3: Add a Stem

Roll back the edges of your paper petals to open the flower. Insert florist's wire into the bottom of the bloom for a stem. Secure with a drop of glue at the base. Voila! Create more until you have a paper flower bouquet. Now you're all set to give these Mother's Day flowers to a special woman in your life.

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