Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

Let the kiddos create a special gift to show Mom how much they love her this Mother's Day. These Mother's Day craft ideas go way beyond macaroni necklaces. Get our best handmade Mother's Day gift ideas here.

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    Mother's Day Bouquet Wrap

    What's more fun than bubble wrap? Before you get to the bubble popping, think about this creative Mother's Day idea. To make Mom a personalized bouquet wrap, paint a section of bubble wrap in one of Mom's favorite colors. Then place a piece of plain tissue paper on top and lightly press. Press hard enough to transfer the paint, but not so hard the bubbles pop. Repeat with another color. Make sure the tissue paper has time to dry before you wrap it around flowers and present them to Mom.

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    Masterpiece Plates

    What's more precious than a childhood drawing? Give Mom a way to cherish it forever. After the kids draw Mom a picture, scan the art and print it onto water-transfer paper, which is available at crafts stores. Trim closely around the printed image, then place the image in water until it slips easily from the backing. Carefully place the decal on the plate and smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles. After the plate and decal are dry, seal the artwork with spray varnish. 

    Editor's Tip: Plates are for decorative use only.

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    Cookie Boxes

    Bust out the watercolors! Mother's Day arts and crafts can be part of the kids' regular entertainment routine. After painting time is over and the watercolor creations have dried, wrap them around a box of cookies that are homemade with love!

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    Mother's Day Coupons

    All you have to do is download, print, and provide crayons to create an easy Mother's Day craft for kids. Printable Mother's Day coupons will hold the kiddos to cleaning their room or doing the dishes.

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    Twine Memo Board

    A thrift store frame is transformed into a meaningful gift with the addition of some twine and clothes pins. Mom can use the memo board to hang up cards from past Mother's Days, along with family photos and mementos.

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    Decorative Serving Tray

    Presentation is an important aspect of breakfast in bed, so make sure the serving tray is decked to impress. Simple stripes are easy for bigger kids to handle. If your kiddos aren't quite ready to hold the paintbrush, let them pick out what colors they think Mom would like.

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    Mother's Day Gift Jar

    Easy Mother's Day crafts for kids can start with the simplest premise: why you love Mom. Cut 1-inch-wide strips of colorful  paper. On each strip, write a reason you love her. Roll each strip with the message on the inside and seal with a sticker. Fill a glass jar with the messages. She'll love this thoughtful Mother's Day gift idea.

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    Paint-Swirled Vase

    Mother's Day arts and crafts don't have to be elaborate—just upcycle what you already have on hand. Transform a clear vase into a great gift for Mom. Pour a small amount of enamel ceramic/glass paint into the bottom of a glass vase. Tip the vase in different directions so the paint rolls around the inside, coating it in color. Leave some of the vase untouched for a more interesting design. Enamel paint is waterproof, so this vase can be used for real or homemade tissue paper flowers.

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    Heart Mother's Day Cards

    An easy Mother's Day craft can become a treasured family memento. To make a precious Mother's Day card, cut a heart from patterned cardstock or scrapbook paper. Glue the heart onto a solid-color piece of paper in a coordinating hue. It's that simple. For easy an easy-to-read message, glue a piece of light-color paper inside the card. 

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    Family Photo Vases

    This Mother's Day craft requires a little thinking ahead. Gather  interesting-shape glass bottles and jars and use them as vases to show off Mom's favorite people (or pets). Gently roll and insert prints of favorite photos into the glass vessels. For a nature vibe, add sprigs of greenery and tie jute around the top of each vase.

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    Candy-Color Picture Frame

    Have the kids jazz up a plain crafts wood frame for a handmade Mother's Day gift. Start by choosing brightly colored paper straws and cutting them to varying lengths. Attach the straws to the frame using a sponge brush and a thin coat of clear-drying adhesive sealer. Keep attaching until there is no more plain wood visible. 

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    Stenciled Welcome Mat

    Put last year's shoes and boots to good use. Paint the bottoms and let the kids use them to stamp a carpet tile. Or, if it's more your style, use our free pattern.

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    Magnetic Bulletin Board

    This Mother's Day, wrapping paper is the gift. Take the kids to pick out a roll that they know Mom will love. Glue a section of wrapping paper to the inside of a cookie sheet for a fun and original bulletin board. Cute and quirky magnets are the final touch.

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    Butterfly Family Tree

    A handmade family tree is a sentimental Mother's Day idea that connects the whole family. A matte board, a butterfly punch, and paper in Mom's favorite colors make a heartwarming Mother's Day gift. 

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    Sweet Hand-Drawn Mother's Day Card

    Folded construction paper bearing a sweet message is a classic Mother's Day craft for a reason. It's personal and will be cherished by Mom for years to come. For extra presentation points, slide the card into an oversize clothespin decorated just for her.

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    Scanned and Framed Kid Art

    No need to pick just one masterpiece to gift Mom this year! Have your little Picasso pick out a collection of his or her favorites. Scan and arrange the artistic works in a collage that will fit into an 8.5x11-inch frame. 

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    Magnets for Mom

    Magnetic strips are the key to creating a personalized Mother's Day gift. Our embellishments include paper, fabric, buttons, and felt flowers. If you're using paper, use a thin layer of glue to attach the patterned side to the flat side of a clear stone. Trim the paper to fit and let dry. Attach a piece of magnetic strip to the back. To turn felt flowers or buttons into magnets, simply hot-glue them to magnetic strip pieces.

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    Mother's Day Flowers

    If your kids are old enough to wield a hot-glue gun, they can glue patterned paper around a vase or planter of Mom's favorite flowers for a Mother's Day idea that's a spin on a classic. For younger children, simply wrap the paper around the vase and tie it on with a pretty ribbon or a piece of lace trim.

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    Sewing Organizer Gift Idea for Mom

    Make sure to snag last week's egg carton before it hits the bin so the kids can make a handy sewing organizer for Mom. They can be involved in every step of creating this Mother's Day craft. Let them pick out a color and wield the can of spray paint, then decide what goes in each compartment, including safety pins, sewing needles, buttons, and thread. Making a made-to-fit pincushion is kid-friendly as well—just wrap the fabric around cotton stuffing (both available at crafts stores) and use fabric glue to seal the seam.

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    Words of Love Photo Frame for Mom

    Ask the kids what they love about Mom, then turn their words into an easy Mother's Day gift. Let the kids run wild with bright markers on a photo mat board or, if their handwriting isn't quite legible yet, take the writing reins. Add a meaningful photo, then let Mom enjoy this personalized gift!

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    Mother's Day Flower Photos

    These might not smell like roses, but the cherished family photos are just as sweet. The wiltproof flowers are made from cupcake liners with photos glued inside. Felt flower stickers create the stems that pop on a construction paper background. Securely glue the cupcake liner blossom onto the paper; when dry, turn this easy Mother's Day crafts project into a precious display using a card holder.

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    Mother's Day Mosaic Vase

    This simple Mother's Day vase should be a collaboration between the kids and an adult. The kids can paint crafts wood hearts and arrange them on a square vase. The adult can add the grout, wiping off the excess. Be sure to let dry before adding seasonal blooms such as tulips or daffodils.

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